Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Not fond of Today
I am feeling that today is going to just mediocre. ReRe not at work today to amuse me; Mellie's cat, Stumpy (just one of his many nicknames - Floo, Tripod (courtesy of Wilson), That Cat or The Reason I Can't Breathe at Mellie's House - ReRe) is very ill and as such she may not make our next Sorority Meeting - today seems kind of meh!

However, tomorrow is will be a joyous day as the Sorority will be together in its entirety!!! DiDi, ReRe, Mellie and JuJube - provided that Stumpy is better!!! There will be much hilarity, wine and minutes! I love Sorority nights!

Stay tuned for next Sorority post - it will be a good one!!


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