Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I did it!  I watched the Season 5 premiere of Jon & Kate plus 8.   All I felt was sadness for all of them.  I watched Kate trying to be 'on' for the camera and Jon so wanting to be elsewhere.  He looked so stoned to me.  The sad part for me was that they didn't call each other by their names once or show any kindness to each other.  Can you imagine the tension at that party?  I felt so sad for one of their daughters when she hugged Jon and asked him to not go away again.  Good lord - that got me a smidge choked up. 

I am not a mom and will NEVER have 8 kids but I am one of 7 kids so I do know that a house with a lot of kids is a dictatorship not a democracy - but holy crap!  My parents raised 7 kids and somehow did it without hating each other or making each other feel like a piece of crap

Kate - get help for your control issues and Jon - stop blaming Kate for the fact that you have no job.  You have a job - you are the dad to 8 kids and you chose to put your life on TV and make money from the show.  If you want a 'real' job so bad - go and get one for the love of God.   Both of you need to stop hiding behind what is good for the kids because being on reality tv is never good for kids.  I have never seen 2 people who like each other less in a marriage. 

I won't watch another episode because this one made me too sad.  I only hope that they find a way to resolve in a way that works for them all. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


edder had this list of her 15 Pet Peeves and since I was feeling a lack of imagination and in need of a blog post, here is my list.  Share yours - you know that you want to and its fun!
  1. People who use the word "irregardless".  IT IS NOT A REAL WORD!
  2. Body odour.  Seriously, in this country where water is cheap and available, there is no excuse.  Do you hear me Toronto taxi drivers!
  3. Empty milk containers in the fridge.  Wilson - this has never been funny - NEVER!
  4. Empty toilet paper rolls (however I do this to Wilson all the time)
  5. Dirty dishes on the counter for more than 1 day - just put the damn things in the dishwasher already!
  6. Kitchen cupboard doors left open
  7. Bugs
  8. Crying children on airplanes.  I fly A LOT and you would think that I wouldn't hear it any more but I DO!
  9.  People who wear their blackberries on their hip at a social event - like their children's birthday party.  We get it, you love your 'Berry - but seriously, the whole world has one, no one cares!
  10. Tattoos - think about when you get old how that will look!
  11.  Facial piercings - most specifically - tongue and lip.  OW and EEWW!
  12. People who drive stupidly slow because they are talking on their cell phones.  Learn to mulit-task would you!
  13. Jessica Simpson - in fact the whole Simpson family - SO DO NOT CARE!
  14. People who tell me that Diet Coke in the morning is gross.  You drink your dark caffeinated beverage your way and I will drink it mine.  I don't judge you - don't judge me!
  15. Bad breath - seriously, have you never heard of breath mints?
That was fun and I so could have gone on and on and on!  Come on internet, I showed you mine, show everyone yours!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Much to celebrate here in DiDi land.

1) LONG WEEKEND!  The weather is supposed to SUCK IT this weekend but still - I do not care!  I have 3 consecutive days off and that in itself is fab!

2) I am not getting on a plane for work for a month.  See here why this makes me so damn happy!

3) Boating season has begun.  The boat is in the water and while not ready to go it will be soon!

4) edder of I Don't Care for Your Tone has given me an award.  Thanks edder - will post about it over the weekend.  You rock!

All in all, I am going to have a large slice of happiness pie this weekend! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


For so many damn reasons but over the last 2 weeks, I have been in many places and taken many flights all for work.  My list of reasons why I hate business travel has grown so hang on because here comes another rant:

  • people who sit beside me who think that I want to talk to them for the entire flight
  • people who sit beside me who have REALLY bad breath
  • late flights
  • early morning flights
  • crappy airplane food
  • really bad wine that you have to pay for
  • stupid airplane rules - seriously, the plane costs $500 million dollars and my cheap, shitty cell phone will disrupt what exactly.  And if it does, don't you think that you should spend, oh I don't know, spend another $20 bucks and make it so that cell phones won't make the plane crash
  • that I have to put all of my toiletries into a baggie
  • that I have to take my shoes off to go through the scanner
  • people who do not properly strip (shoes, belt, empty pockets, etc) before going through the scanner and making those of us standing in our sock feet wait while he/she gets the cavity search
  • people who pull on the back of my chair to get up
  • people who fart on the plane - you know who you are
  • the fact that I have to buy the worst headphones in the world to watch the movies
  • people who feel that showering is beneath them.  These people usually end up sitting beside me and I want to die from the stench. 
Whew, I feel better!  Most times, I get on and off planes like I get in and out of my car but this past week of flights has been brutal.  I need that lottery win to kick in so that I only have to travel when I want to, to places that I want to go. 
Excuse me, they are calling my flight.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I recently looked back through my posts to see what I had written about my mom - and to my shock and horror I had done nothing. I felt, with Mother's Day around the corner that I commemorate her here - even though she does not know how to turn on a computer, find a file or even know what a blog is. So here are just some of the many reasons why I love my mom:

• She had me at 39 (can you say SURPRISE!), when she had already had 5 babies (the oldest was 16 and the youngest at that time was 8) and then adopted my brother so that I would have a sibling close to me to play with
• She is the proudest grandma (and great-grandma) you ever did meet
• She bakes REALLY well - as a kid, I would trade my homemade goodies for Hostess cupcakes, Twinkies, etc because I could get tarts and cookies any time I wanted. I know understand how rare really good baked good were in your lunch every day!
• She went to work, outside the home, when I was 8 - her first job outside the home in 25 years - so that she wouldn't be bored and could contribute to the household.
• She showed me what grace under pressure and compassion truly looks like
• She shows me what true love looks like and made sure that I knew that I should never take it for granted
• She (and my dad) show me what a happy marriage looks like - 60 years together this year and I have never heard them argue or say a mean thing to or about each other (missed this gene as Wilson and I have had a couple of good fights that would make her blush at what we said to each other)
• She always told me that I could be anything or do anything if I only put my mind to it
• She passed onto me the love of animals – you should see how she loves Arthur (even when he tries to lay in her lap - have I mentioned that he is over 70lbs - she just laughs at him!)
• She is the least judgemental person I have ever met (again, clearly you all know that I did not get this gene!)
• She never gets mad at me when I ask her iron something for me 'because she does it better' but really it is because I will burn myself and I hate it more than anything in the world
• Her strength of character and spirit still shine through her every day and way - even now at 82

For these reasons and so many more that there is not enough blog space in the world to write them all, I love my mom. I hope I have many more Mother's Days with er to tell her over and over how much I love and appreciate her.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!