Sunday, July 27, 2008


and KK for her blog award.  I truly never thought anyone besides ReRe and Mellie would read it (and both of them read this only because it is automatically sent to them) and that KK was kind of enough to acknowledge my wee little blog with a Brilliante Award - I am truly grateful.  You rock KK - and I love your blog!

And now it is my turn to pass it on...
I finished my job last Friday but before I left, ReRe made sure that I had one helluva send off.  There were many embarrassing moments and much laughter.  It felt good to say good bye.  And now, for one week any way, I am unemployed - sort of.  I have spa and hair appointments set up as well as lunches with friends.  The only thing standing between me living this life everday is that damn lottery win.  Seriously, I would make a really good lady who lunches (and shops and spas...)!
Are really a gift from God!  Nothing is nicer (on a Monday no less) than to look down at VERY PRETTY toes.  But the best part is that you got those while everyone else you know was working.  I have not yet decided which I liked more today - getting the pedi or emailing friends while I was getting the pedi.  Both were fun!
Whew!  I am now up-to-date!  I must go and have a glass of wine now to recuperate.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Internet - you will NEVER believe what has happened to me in the last 2 days!  I just quit my job of 8 1/2 years to go to a new place.  How the hell does that happen? 

I am leaving behind me a cushy life where I came and went whenever I felt like it, wore pretty much whatever I wanted and did whatever I pretty much damned will pleased(which equated to me blogging, commenting and doing a lot on my Flickr account all from the comfort of my desk). 

Now I am going to a place where I have to perform, meet and exceed expectations and actually work for a living.    Also, my commute goes from nothing to everything - so I will be come one of THOSE people - a COMMUTER!  THE HELL! What am I thinking?

Oh yeah - the thing that made me jump up and down and scream in a Horshack kind of way - Oh! Oh! Oh!Oh!Oh! - was the cool stuff that I get to work on - like the 2010 Olympics.  When they were saying stuff like horrible commute, never see your husband, work for free all I heard in my ears was "WORK ON THE OLYMPICS!  WORK ON THE OLYMPICS!".    You can see my attention span is still functioning at its ever lovin best! 

Internet, please don't think I don't love you anymore if I don't talk to you as much because I do.  Just remember it is not safe for me to comment and drive at the same time. 

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Lordy lordy - there are many reasons to see Mamma Mia and Pierce Brosnan, for me, is VERY high on the list.  This man is HOT to me.  Other reasons - Abba, Abba and more Abba.  First Sex in the City and now Pierce and Abba in one movie - 2 helpings of happiness pie in one summer! 

PS - Abba is not cheesy!
PPS - OK, so it might be a bit cheesy but who among us doesn't like cheese?  Eeezackly!
PPPS - Yes, I know that Colin Firth is in this movie as well and I love him too but Pierce is so damn sexy that I lose all ability to form a cohesive thought.  I also adore Colin Firth and meant no slight to Mr. Darcy!