Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Mad Men premieres this Sunday after making us wait far too long for more Don!  There are not words to express my love for Don Draper.  I know that he is a bad man, a cheater, a liar - not nice to women, blah blah blah.  However - I DO NOT CARE! 

However dear Internet, I have a problem.  I have left my former home which carried AMC on our cable supplier and it was also available on demand - and have moved in with family until this divorce mess gets settled and I can find my own mortgage to pay.  Here is the bad news part - my families cable provider does not carry AMC!  ACK!!!  HOW AM I TO GO WITHOUT MY DON?  Better yet - how will HE survive without me?  My only hope is that iTunes will carry Season 4, episode by episode - otherwise Internet, I am coming over to your house on Sunday nights around 9:45 pm to watch.  All I ask is that you only talk to me on the commercials. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Dear Internets
I am still here - but just don't want to turn this place of fun and frivolity into a dark place filled with whining and talk of divorce.  I am kind of creatively stunted right now but I know that once the final bits and pieces of this process fall into place, it will all come back. 
I am reading you all still and will be back with new stories of my single (again) life, dating after 40 and sharing a dog with an ex-husband (I cannot give that brown face up! -- Arthur's that is).  Wilson was a huge part of my life and I need to figure out how to fill up the space that he took up with other good things and will share those adventures with you.
Will update more once the creative juices start flowing!  Know that I miss you all dear internets - more than you know!