Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Mad Men premieres this Sunday after making us wait far too long for more Don!  There are not words to express my love for Don Draper.  I know that he is a bad man, a cheater, a liar - not nice to women, blah blah blah.  However - I DO NOT CARE! 

However dear Internet, I have a problem.  I have left my former home which carried AMC on our cable supplier and it was also available on demand - and have moved in with family until this divorce mess gets settled and I can find my own mortgage to pay.  Here is the bad news part - my families cable provider does not carry AMC!  ACK!!!  HOW AM I TO GO WITHOUT MY DON?  Better yet - how will HE survive without me?  My only hope is that iTunes will carry Season 4, episode by episode - otherwise Internet, I am coming over to your house on Sunday nights around 9:45 pm to watch.  All I ask is that you only talk to me on the commercials. 


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Did you hear that Season 4 starts off with Betty remarried already? DA-YUMN!!

Muffy said...

Goddess,, I am so poor this year I had to get rid of Showtime, however, I watched all of the new Nurse Jackie Season 2 episodes. Then once Weeds get started I will be back on

Muffy Hugs