Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Why do we HAVE to have winter?  Can't we just have a couple of cooler days and call it a day on the bad weather?  I am tired of my winter coat, boots, snow, ice and cold.  I am tired of sub-zero days, getting into a cold car and having to wear so many layers that people think to themselves "WOW, ever since DiDi and Wilson got married she has REALLY gained a lot of weight!" (OK, so I have gained but not as much as the layers make me look!). 
I swear to God if that damn groundhog says that we have 6 more weeks of this shiz, I am going to totally lose my nut, grab and gun and go postal on his furry ass.
Anyone with me?

Monday, January 19, 2009


Holy crap has my year so far been crazy. Here are some of the things that I did over the holidays...
  • spent time with Wilson's family and celebrated Christmas
  • went to Ottawa for work and was at the World Junior Hockey tournament and stayed in a hotel for 12 days - which is not as nice as it sounds
  • watched Canada vs. US hockey game on New Year's Eve, which Canada won 7-4. It totally rocked!!!
  • watched Canada win our 5th consecutive gold medal at the World Juniors and heard 21,000 people screaming until the roof lifted off Scotia Bank Place. Hearing our anthem sung by an arena full of people who were as proud as I was was an amazing thing to be a part of.

  • Then I came home and got the worst head cold I have had in years. Seriously, could not even talk to ReRe on the phone - which NEVER happens!

Now life is back to normal, work is crazy and all is well. And you dear Internet, how are things with you...


And none other than my beloved Muffy Willowbrook for giving me this award. 

But I don't just get to post this and run away.  I have to share with 10 crap pieces of info about me.  So here goes...

10.  I love watching The Hills and I am not sure why???  Spencer and Heidi make me want to vomit and I cannot believe how much these people stare at each other and yet I tune in every freaking week.  My name is Diane and I am a Hills addict...

9.  I am like a dog when I eat something I like.  I could eat it until I explode - chocolate, my dad's yorkshire puddings, turkey stuffing, peppermint patties.  I have no ability to say no to food that I love.  Do you think that this has anything to do with my increasing ass size?

8.  I hate winter with every fibre of my being!

7.  Wilson and I have no bathroom issues.  We can be in the bathroom while together while one is peeing and the other can be brushing teeth or just chatting.  Apparently I am the only one of my friends who does this...

6.  If you were to see how I look when I come home from work you would wonder how I ever got a boyfriend let alone a husband.  God help me if Wilson ever leaves me because it would never happen again.

5.  I don't like hot beverages or soup.  Not sure why but just don't.

4.  Diet Coke is my favourite beverage during the day.  The nicest sound in the world is the sound of a cold Diet Coke can opening when you are really thirsty.

3.  I end my week by getting my copies of People and US and consider it required reading.  I also get pissed if Wilson reads my People before me. 

2.  I make kick ass guacamole. 

1.  I have been known to forget to put a camisole on and have shown my bra and/or cleavage at my place of employment (although I am much better at NOT doing this at the new job)

There - done!  Thanks Muffy, now the Internet knows a bit more about me.   I know share this award with:



Seriously, I wrote a sappy post about my beloved Wilson in 2006 and I was checking my hotmail account and mentioned my first serious boyfriend.  Well he found my blog, read the post and COMMENTED!  WTF!!!

First I could not believe my eyes and then I laughed out loud at my desk and had to lie quickly to my colleagues as to why I was laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes at my desk.

Internet - you totally rock!