Monday, June 19, 2006


Mellie to ReRe and DiDi

My lovelies … On an invitation to functions the order of operations for attire is as follows:

Black tie
Black tie optional
Business casual
Kevin Federline

That being said, any lovely frock that you dawn is fantastic – ReRe the Carriere may be over dressed for a afternoon wedding at the cottage, but truly, who are we to judge, it is stunning, so afternoon be damned!

Poop-ala (a.k.a. Jewemy) will be wearing a suit, I will be in a more casual wedding gown and flip flops (the do have sparkles on them) I have made arrangements to hire staff to remove the pair of you from sticking in the lawn periodically, but not to worry, the dance floor will be solid and perfect for your delightful footwear. (her invitation mentioned something about sensible footwear choices of which ReRe and I do not own that kind)

Does this all make sense? Sorry for the delay in my response, I have not picked up my messages as I was hiding from my phone.


This is in response to many voicemails left for our Mellie with curious questions as to what we should wear to her wedding. This is a very good example of why we love her so damn much - we think she is the funniest!

ReRe's response to our Mellie
They truly are among the funniest women in the world - at least to me.

My dearest Melliehead Rose,
While you are severely delinquent in your response times, the quality of your response certainly more than compensates for your tardiness.

Thank you for the lesson in the order of operations. Am now re-thinking the Carriere, lovely as it is, in favour of a new and more appropriate purchase. I am never one to waste an occasion to purchase something frivolous with outrageous cost-per-wear when justification presents itself, such as the wedding of Poop-ala and Melliehead Rose.

Footwear, however, is another story. I for one will NOT be wearing flip flops. Keep the staff ready and please secure big strong men as Thicky and Gunty may not be so easy to lift from the lawn.

This wedding is going to be mucho fun!!!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


June 18
Father's Day and it is smokin hot today. We spent a great weekend on the boat together. ReRe would disagree because to her there is no better place on a smokin hot day than her pool but for us - the best place to be is the boat. I drove the boat for a while and we had a great afternoon. Me - the palest girl around - actually got some colour.

Sorority lunch at Gonoe tomorrow. Great company and great sushi - it doesn't get much better than that! I am sure there will be much to discuss re the wedding and its copious amount of details, ReRe and iPod man, DiDi and Wilson and all things sorority. Will update when I can.


June 16
Worked like a crazy woman today - golf tournament (1 of 2) and I was up at 4:45 am. That is really fucking early!!! All went well - Thank God for that and now I want to sleep the sleep of the dead!


June 15
YIPEEE!!!! Wilson comes home today. He certainly was missed and I think the most by Maggie. I have had a killer week and she has not had her 'used-to' level of attention that the only dog of doting owners is used to getting. Wilson will get the greeting of his life when he walks in the door and she sees him. Her tail will pretty much wag off her ass.

I will just jump on him when I see him. His travel is done for the summer and we can spend some great time together on the boat. I do love that bald head of his and when it isn't around I am reminded how much I love his company.


June 11
It was a mini gathering of the sorority as I went to dinner at Mellie and Jewemy's delightful abode. I went to have dinns, see friends and to take some pics of her wee cat Sebastian (a.k.a. Stumpy, Tripod, etc). Stumpy has recovered from his inner ear infection and is right as rain again.

Many laughs later, Mellie mixes herself and me a lovely cocktail and we continued to sit on their back deck and chitter chatter away the evening. Mellie gives me my wedding invite - it is lovely and I have already RSVP'd for Wilson and I.

Mellie made us a dee-lightful dinner nad then the 3 of us had a rousing conversation where Jewemy called me a radical feminist. Good times!

Came home, watered the garden and took Miss Maggie for wee walk! 3 more sleeps until Wilson is home from his trip to Quebec City.


June 10

Wilson left this morning at the crack of stupid - his flight was at some ungodly hour to Quebec City for an annual convention. He will be gone for 5 days - EEEK! He goes to this event every year and has a great time. Last year he and his friend David were the co-chairs and it went swimmingly well. He will come home SO tired and a wee bit hungover and hopefully he will have missed me some. Maggie and I will certainly miss him. In the interim, I have a stack of magazines to read, movies to watch - and in general have a date with me.

Wilson has called from his crappy hotel outside of Quebec City. It is worse than bad and he is not a happy man. I on the other hand have just had a nap and am about to go for a walk with Miss Maggs. I think I got the better end of the deal.