Friday, March 31, 2006


It is a good Friday - My hair is good today, the eyeliner went on well, Wilson walked Maggie this morning and I got more time in bed and my friend Cari is here from Vancouver.

This is very exciting as we are going for adult beverages after we leave our land of gainful employment and YIPEE! This is called shore leave in my house. Wilson also as shore leave as he is going to eat lots of deep fried food and drink beer with his man friends.

Maggie will invite the dog girls over, sniff each others asses, do their nails and lay on the furniture.

It is a good Friday all round.

Have great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


It is a really nice day here in the big T.O. and all ReRe and I want to do is play hooky! We want to shop for pretty open toed shoes and then wait for REALLY nice weather to wear them. Is winning the lottery really so much to ask?

Monday, March 27, 2006


Had a lovely long weekend with Wilson and Maggie. It was busy but full - moved some of my furniture into Wilson's house and made a den a.k.a. Maggie's room on the main floor. We are 2 people and do not have a need for 3 fully furnished bedrooms. The den was created in the room that we are in due to the fact that the couch would not fit in through the door of the room we wanted it to go into.

As a result of bringing the couch into the house, Maggie goes from her dog bed in our bedroom to the couch in the den and doesn't wake us up until 6:00 am or later. It was sometime around 5 or 5:30 - which is just so wrong! Love the full and uninterrupted night of slumber.

Saturday was more of the same with a date for sushi that night and watched Capote when we got home. Arty and well acted but very dark. That Truman was one weird man.

Sunday had breakfast and DiDi doing dinner prep for Bri and Wilson. I even baked a cake!!! I channeled my inner super-girlfriend and made angel food cake.

Went to bed and slept the sleep of the dead and am now back at work. Three day weekends should so be mandatory!


Thursday, March 23, 2006


Today is my Friday (I know it is only Thursday in real life) but it is my last day of work for 3 whole days! Am going to spend some lovely time with Wilson and the pooch. Eat lots, drink waaay to much and generally just have a break from the drudgery.

I love a vacation day - you feel so decadant when you are lounging in your bathrobe at 10:30 am on a weekday and the rest of the world is working.

Have a good work day and will post on Monday the details of my lovely, long weekend.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Di's Friday - very typical. Got a new Blackberry and had to get it up and running. Done
- sent note out to all and sundry with my new PIN number for the BB. For those of you who do not Blackberry, get on it!
- Forgot to say who the note was from - had to resend the note with my name.
- Made mistake with my PIN and had to resend
- Did something else stupid with the note and had to resend
Did I mention that there were copious amounts of Vice Presidents on that note? No - that is just me embarassing myself in front of entire world.

Friday night Very Good! Dinner with Wilson and Bri. Very good dinner and lots of love all around.

Sat - lazy day and lots o' time with Wilson. Watched the movie "A History of Violence". Artsy but good.

Sunday - birthday party for 2 year old and dinner with our tall friend - Eggsy. After he left, watched North Country with the lovely Charlize (which is the only movie star that I want to look like). Good movie although slow. Always good to watch that kind of movie and continue your boyfriend's education on women's rights.

Now it is Monday and I am back at the job. Sigh - need another weekend.

ReRe had a good date with iPod Man. Must make her write about it.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


We had a meeting of The Sorority last night – and the key members are ReRe, DiDi and Mellie (Mellie’s name must be shouted very loud over and over again – she really likes that). Mellie also goes by the name ‘Mellie-head’ but so far only ReRe calls her that. We needed to celebrate our beautiful Mellie’s engagement to Kennedy, see the LARGE ring on the third finger of her left hand and drink wine. Really – we were there to drink wine.

Here are the minutes of evening
  • much admiring of Mellie’s new and very LARGE ring that nearly blinded us with the reflection
  • Both ReRe and DiDi quickly wrenched said ring off Mellie’s very small finger and try to shove it on ours. At this point it was determined that Mellie has very pretty, feminine hands and ReRe and DiDi have ‘man-hands’.
  • Discussion over dinner – settled on sushi and ReRe and DiDi decided on evening menu as Mellie’s brain did not want to make another decision that evening
  • Once dinner ordered, DiDi shared recap of ‘The In-Laws" weekend at Wilson’s house. DiDi admits that she should have taken ReRe’s advice on the arrival at Wilson’s house time
  • Mellie gives update on job at THAT place. All agree that Mellie must change said job as it is making her crazy and will make her age faster than DiDi. Recent examples of job craziness – sent snippy email to beloved the night prior over impending wedding details; said snippy email was edited to make snippy and not bitchy; sent mildly bitchy emails to bad co-worker (which she deserved). ReRe and DiDi are waiting for snippy-esque email to be sent our way as it seemed that Mellie was on a roll.
  • Update from Mellie on her ‘vacation’ – in which she constantly worked all but 2 days. DiDi and ReRe – say this is not good but then we slack off for a living and Mellie actually has a quota and works (in other words – we really do not understand and are frightened of a real job)
  • Sidebar discussion of the most recent 'Mellie-ism' - when your boyfriend is not good - he is lamé - not lame but lamé. Howls of laughter abound at the most recent addition to the Mellie-ism list. Still, our most fave is 'Fuck me up the ass and Call me Charlie". Not as Wilson likes to say - Fuck me up the arse, blah, blah. As Mellie says - sometimes you just have to say it.
  • ReRe gives update on current state of underemployment, lovely children and IPodman.
  • MUCH wine is consumed as that is what we do (with the exception of DiDi as she was driving)
  • ReRe – having trouble breathing due to Stumpy (call Stumpy as he only has 3 legs and a stump for a 4th leg -- Real name Sebastian but no one ever calls him that - it is either Floo for reasons only Mellie speak of or Stumpy) the cat’s presence in the basement
  • Food arrives – we sit at lovely dining room table and rapidly consume food. We discuss DiDi’s overtipping of delivery man but DiDi was very hungry and happy the man brought beloved sustenance. More wine consumed. Discussion over what the hell we ordered and was this really it – but, end result was that no one cared as we were too damn hungry.
  • Dinner done, DiDi wipes up her spills and we move back to Florida couches and continue with the meeting
  • Mellie gives update on The Wedding – ReRe and DiDi elated we can now bring dates
  • Mellie’s man Kennedy calls in the middle and asks if ReRe and DiDi like the shiny, happy new ring – Resounding calls of yes from the drunks on the couch
  • ReRe really can’t breathe now due to Stumpy – DiDi becomes all mature and says we should go so that ReRe can get oxygen back into her lungs
  • But before we can leave – must admire the Mellie/Kennedy paint job in bedroom and the copious amounts of Tiffany jewellery in Mellie’s bureau. (It must be uttered here that ReRe did let out a screech that silenced the dogs in the neighbourhood at the amount of pretty blue boxes in Mellie's bureau) ReRe and DiDi want Kennedy to write a manual to all other men of where to shop for beloved girlfriends
  • DiDi and ReRe admire Mellie’s new formal wear – neither has a place to wear it but is planning on borrowing it soon (just to wear around the damn house if we have too…)
  • DiDi and ReRe make fun of the last 4 letters of Mellie’s name (which she is keeping due to stress over all the paperwork) HEE!
  • DiDi and ReRe leave Mellie/Kennedy abode – beloved oxygen enters ReRe’s lungs once again
  • DiDi drives ReRe home in soccer mom car (Sorry honey – I mean really big truck – that DiDi can’t parallel park but ReRe amazed DiDi with her EXCELLENT parking skills).
  • We love wine (oops and the Sorority)!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Slacking as a job

There are times in every job that you must appear busy but in reality you if you weren't at your desk - no one but your co-workers would miss you. Here are some helpful hints with which to fill your day and never really accomplish anything...

  1. Never arrive before 9:30 a.m. as you get the best parking at that time
  2. Upon arrival – check all interesting websites to plan your day of reading/catching up on Hollywood Gossip and other tidbits (top sites for me - NY Post, Oprah,, etonline, Miss Doxie, Hashai, and the list could go on and on and on)
  3. Check voicemail and put off answering anything other than your boss as to do items throughout the day.
  4. Fill water bottle and chat with anyone that is at the watercooler – this can take up to 20 minutes
  5. Have morning chat (or as we like to call it -'host chat') with colleagues – this easily can fill an hour and people think you are having a meeting
  6. Enjoy mid-morning snack – 2nd round of colleague chatter
  7. Plan lunch time shopping expedition
  8. Leave for lunchtime shopping expedition
  9. Take 1 ½ hour lunch – shopping, eating, gossiping – all necessary items for mental health
  10. Return and peruse magazines (Vanity Fair, InStyle, People, US) for good articles to read
  11. Read said magazine with back to cube door so that no one can see – if not possible, place magazine inside business magazine (which you never read unless all other materials have been read and you have reached a new level of boredom. This includes perusing the classifieds to see what else is available
  12. Answer voice mail
  13. Afternoon chat with colleagues, check lottery tickets with hopes of winning and immediately leaving the building for Manolo shopping
  14. Leave by 4:30 pm
If you ask me, that is a very full day!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


How exciting! Well, it is for us anyway. So we thought we'd start with a recap of the highlights from a recent business trip to the Bahamas.
DiDi & ReRe go to the Bahamas
So here's what happened....
Purses purchased: ReRe – large Burberry, smaller black Kate Spade with silver handles (time limited due to boyfriend’s presence). DiDi – Burberry wallet, LV wallet, baby blue Chanel, various Kate Spades too numerous to mention
Purses stolen from DiDi’s room: One Kate Spade, in addition to Burberry & Chanel perfume. The horror.
# of Bahama Mamas consumed by ReRe on the last night: 938
# of times ReRe awoke STILL DRUNK and puking in the middle of the night: 1
# of times ReRe will drink rum again in the foreseeable future: 0
# of times DiDi was wheeled (yes, wheeled) out of the party in a wheelchair after collapsing in a heap on the ground: 1
# of knees DiDi popped: 1
# of parades DiDi joined immediately prior to said knee popping: 1
Quantity of wine ReRe brought to DiDi to numb her pain: 1 gallon
Current size of DiDi’s knee: Grapefruit
Type of shoes DiDi is reduced to wearing: Comfortable
# of Godiva chocolates consumed by DiDi: too numerous to mention
# of Godiva chocolates shared with ReRe: 0
Degree of bitterness over said lack of Godiva: Significant.
Size of DiDi’s swollen eye: Golf ball.
Source of DiDi’s swollen eye: Unknown.
DiDi’s current whereabouts: Walk-in clinic
# of sand flea bites – ReRe: 2928
DiDi: 3362

Must do a Sorority field trip to Canal St. Can never have enough purses.