Thursday, March 16, 2006


We had a meeting of The Sorority last night – and the key members are ReRe, DiDi and Mellie (Mellie’s name must be shouted very loud over and over again – she really likes that). Mellie also goes by the name ‘Mellie-head’ but so far only ReRe calls her that. We needed to celebrate our beautiful Mellie’s engagement to Kennedy, see the LARGE ring on the third finger of her left hand and drink wine. Really – we were there to drink wine.

Here are the minutes of evening
  • much admiring of Mellie’s new and very LARGE ring that nearly blinded us with the reflection
  • Both ReRe and DiDi quickly wrenched said ring off Mellie’s very small finger and try to shove it on ours. At this point it was determined that Mellie has very pretty, feminine hands and ReRe and DiDi have ‘man-hands’.
  • Discussion over dinner – settled on sushi and ReRe and DiDi decided on evening menu as Mellie’s brain did not want to make another decision that evening
  • Once dinner ordered, DiDi shared recap of ‘The In-Laws" weekend at Wilson’s house. DiDi admits that she should have taken ReRe’s advice on the arrival at Wilson’s house time
  • Mellie gives update on job at THAT place. All agree that Mellie must change said job as it is making her crazy and will make her age faster than DiDi. Recent examples of job craziness – sent snippy email to beloved the night prior over impending wedding details; said snippy email was edited to make snippy and not bitchy; sent mildly bitchy emails to bad co-worker (which she deserved). ReRe and DiDi are waiting for snippy-esque email to be sent our way as it seemed that Mellie was on a roll.
  • Update from Mellie on her ‘vacation’ – in which she constantly worked all but 2 days. DiDi and ReRe – say this is not good but then we slack off for a living and Mellie actually has a quota and works (in other words – we really do not understand and are frightened of a real job)
  • Sidebar discussion of the most recent 'Mellie-ism' - when your boyfriend is not good - he is lamé - not lame but lamé. Howls of laughter abound at the most recent addition to the Mellie-ism list. Still, our most fave is 'Fuck me up the ass and Call me Charlie". Not as Wilson likes to say - Fuck me up the arse, blah, blah. As Mellie says - sometimes you just have to say it.
  • ReRe gives update on current state of underemployment, lovely children and IPodman.
  • MUCH wine is consumed as that is what we do (with the exception of DiDi as she was driving)
  • ReRe – having trouble breathing due to Stumpy (call Stumpy as he only has 3 legs and a stump for a 4th leg -- Real name Sebastian but no one ever calls him that - it is either Floo for reasons only Mellie speak of or Stumpy) the cat’s presence in the basement
  • Food arrives – we sit at lovely dining room table and rapidly consume food. We discuss DiDi’s overtipping of delivery man but DiDi was very hungry and happy the man brought beloved sustenance. More wine consumed. Discussion over what the hell we ordered and was this really it – but, end result was that no one cared as we were too damn hungry.
  • Dinner done, DiDi wipes up her spills and we move back to Florida couches and continue with the meeting
  • Mellie gives update on The Wedding – ReRe and DiDi elated we can now bring dates
  • Mellie’s man Kennedy calls in the middle and asks if ReRe and DiDi like the shiny, happy new ring – Resounding calls of yes from the drunks on the couch
  • ReRe really can’t breathe now due to Stumpy – DiDi becomes all mature and says we should go so that ReRe can get oxygen back into her lungs
  • But before we can leave – must admire the Mellie/Kennedy paint job in bedroom and the copious amounts of Tiffany jewellery in Mellie’s bureau. (It must be uttered here that ReRe did let out a screech that silenced the dogs in the neighbourhood at the amount of pretty blue boxes in Mellie's bureau) ReRe and DiDi want Kennedy to write a manual to all other men of where to shop for beloved girlfriends
  • DiDi and ReRe admire Mellie’s new formal wear – neither has a place to wear it but is planning on borrowing it soon (just to wear around the damn house if we have too…)
  • DiDi and ReRe make fun of the last 4 letters of Mellie’s name (which she is keeping due to stress over all the paperwork) HEE!
  • DiDi and ReRe leave Mellie/Kennedy abode – beloved oxygen enters ReRe’s lungs once again
  • DiDi drives ReRe home in soccer mom car (Sorry honey – I mean really big truck – that DiDi can’t parallel park but ReRe amazed DiDi with her EXCELLENT parking skills).
  • We love wine (oops and the Sorority)!

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