Monday, March 27, 2006


Had a lovely long weekend with Wilson and Maggie. It was busy but full - moved some of my furniture into Wilson's house and made a den a.k.a. Maggie's room on the main floor. We are 2 people and do not have a need for 3 fully furnished bedrooms. The den was created in the room that we are in due to the fact that the couch would not fit in through the door of the room we wanted it to go into.

As a result of bringing the couch into the house, Maggie goes from her dog bed in our bedroom to the couch in the den and doesn't wake us up until 6:00 am or later. It was sometime around 5 or 5:30 - which is just so wrong! Love the full and uninterrupted night of slumber.

Saturday was more of the same with a date for sushi that night and watched Capote when we got home. Arty and well acted but very dark. That Truman was one weird man.

Sunday had breakfast and DiDi doing dinner prep for Bri and Wilson. I even baked a cake!!! I channeled my inner super-girlfriend and made angel food cake.

Went to bed and slept the sleep of the dead and am now back at work. Three day weekends should so be mandatory!


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