Monday, March 20, 2006


Di's Friday - very typical. Got a new Blackberry and had to get it up and running. Done
- sent note out to all and sundry with my new PIN number for the BB. For those of you who do not Blackberry, get on it!
- Forgot to say who the note was from - had to resend the note with my name.
- Made mistake with my PIN and had to resend
- Did something else stupid with the note and had to resend
Did I mention that there were copious amounts of Vice Presidents on that note? No - that is just me embarassing myself in front of entire world.

Friday night Very Good! Dinner with Wilson and Bri. Very good dinner and lots of love all around.

Sat - lazy day and lots o' time with Wilson. Watched the movie "A History of Violence". Artsy but good.

Sunday - birthday party for 2 year old and dinner with our tall friend - Eggsy. After he left, watched North Country with the lovely Charlize (which is the only movie star that I want to look like). Good movie although slow. Always good to watch that kind of movie and continue your boyfriend's education on women's rights.

Now it is Monday and I am back at the job. Sigh - need another weekend.

ReRe had a good date with iPod Man. Must make her write about it.

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Anonymous said...

i want to know how many bottles of wine were drunk and if there is a direct correlation to the number of baby oil bottles and pillows (with loose feathers) consumed....