Thursday, February 22, 2007


My beloved husband continues to amaze me. He surprised me but good for Valentine's Day! He got me a trip to Denver, CO and it fit perfectly.

In years past, we used to go and visit my dear friend Kacy in Denver. It was on its way to becoming an annual tradition then Kacy and her husband split up and then Wilson and I split up as well.

Well it is a new year and Kacy is with a dee-lightful man named Ed who I adore and of course, Wilson and I are now married. Don't you just love happy endings! Anyhoo, Wilson knows how much I love Kacy and how I love to see her, visit with her and since she lives in Denver we don't get to hang out very much. So, he went and confirmed all the details with Kacy, arranged for tickets and then told me all about it. What a guy!

Well we went and it was amazing! Not the beginning part where our plane was delayed by 2 hours and the fact that Air Canada lost Wilson's luggage for more than 48hours BUT once we got there, it was outstanding. We went for Mexican, saw a movie, had a great dinner and that was just Saturday. Did I mention that it was 60+ degrees on Saturday? No, well it was and boy did it feel good. Sunday was even better as it was even warmer and we went shopping at Nordstroms and DiDi bought herself some VERY pretty shoes. I also bought Wilson some jeans and t-shirts at The Gap so everyone got something.

Kacy made a kick ass dinner of chicken enchiladas with a cream sauce and she and Ed through an amazing party. Lots of people came and enjoyed. We all drank waaaay to much but thankfully when the next morning dawned, Mr. Hangover was not hanging out with Wilson and I. He was, however, not being very nice to Kacy and Ed. In fact, Ed was not well at all. He kept repeating over and over again that he was never drinking again. And then he looked at my husband and realized that he was not hurting AT ALL from the shots of sambuca that they decided to have after all of us went to bed. His quote changed to "That fucker Wilson isn't even hungover at all!" Kacy was not doing well with her upset stomach and aching head but still managed to be cute and drive us to the airport. How she can be so hungover and still be so damn pretty is beyond me.

We get on the plane, arrive home and pick up our sweet Maggie. All in all, it was a fantastic Valentine's day weekend and I loved my present. However, I love my man more!

Valentine's Day kisses (albeit a little late) to all,


Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Normally I don't care too much for this, the most Hallmark of holidays but as this is my first married one - I am loving it! I will take any opportunity to tell Wilson how much I love him and today he will beg me to stop all the lurve!

However Internet, here is a very short list of why I love this man:
- he has a great shaped head and this is key because he has not a lot of hair
- he loves me lots
- he is the smartest guy I know
- he loves our dog so much and is very smoochy
- he walks said dog in the cold weather so that I can stay warm
- he is damn sexy
- he is an amazing friend
- he is calm in a crisis
- he makes me laugh
- just because he is him

I look forward to a lifetime of I love you's with you Wilson and with you every day is Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's day everyone and cinnamon heart kisses to all,



It is so damn cold here and yes...I am bitching about it. I know that I live in a country that is cold for 6 months of the year. However, global warming was good to us until mid-January when it was almost balmy for us Canadians. Then it ended with a bloody vengenance and this is what it looks like here now.

We just got another dump of snow - 10 cms with another 10 cms coming today. ENOUGH I SAY!!! I need to feel some warmth and the sun on my face.

Seriously - this is what I look like when I walk the dog. You can't tell whether I am woman or a man. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!

I have to have a serious discussion with Wilson about moving somewhere warm - I can't take it anymore. And to top it off, Mellie is in very warm South Africa now. Bring back some warmth with you Mellie - The Sorority needs it badly.

Stay warm everyone and eskimo kisses to all,


Monday, February 05, 2007


I hope that anyone who reads this is not in the grip of the cold snap that we in Toronto are being tortured by right now and for the foreseeable future. It is so cold that when I go out to walk our beloved pooch that I have so many layers on that you cannot tell if I am a man or woman. That takes something people because there are some girly curves on this body. All of me is as hidden from the dratted wind as I can make it.

Our beloved Mellie leaves very soon for South Africa and it is not cold there. She takes with her a full selection of DiDi's summer wardrobe - shoes and all. Thank heavens we are close to the same size so that we can share pretty clothes and shoes. ReRe and I envy Mellie her glimpse of a tropical sun. My clothes are getting a better vacation than me. Bring some of that warmth home with you Miss Mellie - that is the best souvenier you could ever give us.

Stay warm and snuggled up to someone you love! It is the only way to get through this damn cold!

Cold snap kisses to all,