Monday, February 05, 2007


I hope that anyone who reads this is not in the grip of the cold snap that we in Toronto are being tortured by right now and for the foreseeable future. It is so cold that when I go out to walk our beloved pooch that I have so many layers on that you cannot tell if I am a man or woman. That takes something people because there are some girly curves on this body. All of me is as hidden from the dratted wind as I can make it.

Our beloved Mellie leaves very soon for South Africa and it is not cold there. She takes with her a full selection of DiDi's summer wardrobe - shoes and all. Thank heavens we are close to the same size so that we can share pretty clothes and shoes. ReRe and I envy Mellie her glimpse of a tropical sun. My clothes are getting a better vacation than me. Bring some of that warmth home with you Miss Mellie - that is the best souvenier you could ever give us.

Stay warm and snuggled up to someone you love! It is the only way to get through this damn cold!

Cold snap kisses to all,


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