Wednesday, January 24, 2007


This year Wilson will be travelling a lot more in the first half of the year and even though Maggie and I are used to his travel, we still miss him so much when he is gone. Right now he is in Calgary enjoying some good Alberta beef and making business happen.

We both miss the little things when he is gone. I know that Maggie misses the cuddles on the couch and I miss the cuddles in our bed. He gets home from Calgary on Thursday afternoon and Maggie gets him all to herself for the afternoon and then I will break the land speed record getting home for welcome back hugs and kisses.

However he has outdone himself on this trip. Before he left, I did ALL the thank you notes for our wedding reception. That is right - ALL OF THEM while he slept on the couch (he wasn't feeling well). As I addressed the last note, I looked at his handsome face and told him in no uncertain terms that he owed me BIG TIME for completing that onerous chore. And boy did he come through. I was aiming for dinner out or a piece of shiny jewellery or just a hundred kisses but he did so much better than all of that.

He is taking me to Denver for the weekend to visit our friends Kacy and Ed. The same Kacy and Ed who came on our trip and stood up at our wedding with us. He knows how much I love to see Kacy and since they live so far away that we don't get to see them hardly at all. And he knows that we miss each other and love to spend time together and he made that happen. That is my wonderful man!

Hurry home handsome. Your wife and dog love and miss you very much and we need our Wilson home. Life at our house is just not the same without you.


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