Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Well it is all done. The wedding (December 9th), the reception (January 13) and the thank you notes (done totally by DiDi on January 19th). With the exception of my sore thumb from writing notes to our wonderful and crazy generous friends it was all wonderful.

Our reception was so much fun with most of our family and friends joining us at our house to celebrate our marriage with us. God bless the caterers with their staff, amazing food and rentals. There was really no mess for Wilson and I to clean up and a good time was had by all.

My sweet husband looked at all the food when it was delivered and said "It is not enough food!". To which I replied "People will start to arrive in 2 hours and I am not going to worry about this at all. If we run out, we will just order some pizza." Which is exactly what we ended up doing. We had food for 125 people and 112 guests through our house and they all just vacuumed up the food. There was not a morsel left and everyone raved about how good it was. Thank you Daniel & Daniel for making it so easy for us! Our last guest left at 10am the next morning and you know when you end up with a houseguest, that it was a good party.

The entire sorority was present and here is a photo of all its members. We are all so pretty and so drunk (well at least Mellie was...if her hangover the next day was any indication).

At one point I looked around our living room at our family gathered there and realized how many wonderful examples that Wilson and I have of strong and happy marriages.

My parents - 58 years
Wilson's parents - 40 years
My cousin Dianne and her husband Jim - 37 years
My brother Tom and his wife Lynn - 35 years
My brother John and his wife Terry - 22 years
My sister Fay and her husband Ron - 24 years
My cousin Paul and his wife Lynne - 18 years
My sister Debbie and her husband Carl - 38 years (but they couldn't make it)

I know that these marriages have weathered tough times, happy times and all the inbetween times. I take hope that with such wonderful examples that Wilson and I will hold tight to our love for each other and weather the years ahead with the same grace and longevity that our family has.

It has been a wonderful experience getting married this way and I wouldn't have done it any other way. We had all the fun parts (telling people, looking forward to the date and a great honeymoon) and very little of the stress parts (except for the damn paperwork). We got to celebrate with friends and family and I got to wear a pretty dress and shoes.

Being a Mrs. (although I never use the term and my last name has not changed) is pretty damn good so far.

Married kisses to all,


PS - the honeymoon post is coming - I swear it is.

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