Friday, March 27, 2009


Internet, my dear friend edder has joined us in blogging and I wanted give her a shout out.  This is one funny chica whose writing has always amused the beejeesus out of me.   

Welcome to the Internet edder!  You totally rock!!

PS - if you read her latest post, the boobs mentioned - they be mine!


I am off to visit the inlaws for a weekend visit and to get our taxes done - OK, mostly to get our taxes done as Wilson's dad is an accountant and gets us money back from the government EVERY.DAMN.YEAR! 

However, the last time we were there was Christmas and we chatted about this so I am a little scared of what is going to be discussed this time once my MIL gets a couple of cocktails in her. 

Internet - if you see a a chubby girl with auburn hair running down the side of a major highway screaming - say hi - it's me!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


OK, so in my last post, I tried to be all suspenseful and leave you wanting more with my tale of rings and Bryan Adams…did it work? Have you been sitting there wanting more about those details? Have you??? (insert sound of crickets here…) Sorry – forgot that you all have way more interesting lives but I am going to tell you anyway.

I come home from my trip, where I discovered that I was old and seriously lacking in any kind of ability to stay up late and drink anymore, and remembered that Wilson and I had been invited to some swishy dinner by our friend David. By 4:30 pm that afternoon, all I wanted to do was eat dinner and go to bed but I remembered that would make me really old so I pulled on my panty hose and off we went.

This is a great fundraising dinner with a silent auction and Bryan Adams was the after dinner entertainment. (Sidebar - I grew up watching Bryan Adams – I had, have such a crush and he was my 2nd largest concert that I ever went to as a kid. He opened for Journey and I totally lied to my mom about where I was going. I told her that I was staying at my friend Karen’s house and we were going to a movie. I snuck my birth certificate out of her drawer and off we went. Since she doesn’t read this blog anymore, I think my secret is still safe. ) Anyhoo, we go, I am in the mood to shop and I love silent auctions like nobody’s business. I see some small stuff and start writing my name down with my bids. At this point, Wilson started to sweat as he saw how many things I was bidding on. I told him to shush as it was still early and none of my bids would make it to the end of the night.

We went into dinner and are discussing the framed photos that I like but he doesn’t and there is lots of wine drinking (don’t judge it was free and the waiters were very generous with their pouring) and then in-between courses I go back to the auction, made more bids, came back and tell Wilson about stuff I had bid on. He decides that I can‘t have all of the fun and goes and perused the auction and came back and told me that he placed a bid and would I like to see what he bid on? Now I am VERY curious as he never bids on stuff really and we go and Internet you will not believe this one. HE BID ON A RING FOR ME! My lovely but very frugal husband bid on a piece of jewellery for me! Shocked does not even tell you how I felt at that moment! I was shaking at this point because it is very pretty and I wanted it more than anything and was ready to drop the gloves if some beeyotch tried to take my ring. It got down to the last minute and I was so nervous I thought I was going to pee my pants and then POOF the auction is over and the ring is mine! And here I thought that Bryan Adams was going to be the highlight of my evening.

We get back to our seats and Bryan Adams takes the stage and everyone started rocking out to the classics and some of his new stuff. IT.WAS.AWESOME! I would like to remind you all that a lot of wine drinking has happened up until this point. He says that he wants someone to come and sing “Baby, When You’re Gone” with him and of course I am determined that this should be me. I am leaping over people to get closer to the stage (while in 4 inch heels, banging on the stage and pretty much ready to jump on stage) but alas he does not pick me for the song. With nothing left to do, I went and consoled myself with more wine.

Then, he comes out for an encore and encourages us to come up on the stage and dance with him. That was all I needed – kissed Wilson good bye and said that it was nice being married to him, thanks for the ring and all but am going to be with Bryan now. Jumped on the stage (again in aforementioned 4” heels) and sashayed up to the point where Bryan was singing – and we made significant eye contact. I could tell what he was thinking – “who is that HOT woman! I must make her my woman NOW!" (or it could have been a look of fear - the looks are kind of similar). Then his guitarist motioned that I should come closer (he did too!) and that was all it took for me! I leaped, yes leaped over the security guard arm who thought he could stop me and found myself on stage with Bryan and his band. Managed to get a hug in with the man himself and then found myself on stage, in front of a mic and started singing along! For a brief and shining moment – I WAS A ROCK STAR!

Then the song was over and I returned to my table and husband – Bryan Adams may be the boy of my teens but the man at my table bought me jewellery. He got to take me home that night!

So there it is – my fleeting moment of glory! The best part was when I came into work on Monday and told my story, our PR manager Jen said that her sister-in-law and brother were there and and said of the women who got on stage with Bryan were and I quote – “CRAZY!” Yes I was and am – just ask anyone who knows me.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Two years ago today was my first blog post!  Thank you Internet for the laughs, support and friendships.  You totally rock!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Whew! What a crazy couple of weeks it has been Internet! First, we went on an awesome vacation – Egypt and it was effing AMAZING! To be standing next to a pyramid that is over 5,000 years old and still in amazing condition is utterly mind blowing. We saw so much and did so much that I still can’t believe that I went on such a great vacation. I am working on the pictures and will have all of them posted to Flickr soon (maybe a little long than soon but I swear I am working on it!)

We got back and hoo-boy jet lag is a bitch! I was home for 5 days and then off on a weeklong business trip to Mont Tremblant in Quebec - where it was effing 50 degrees below zero (or so it felt)!! There were times I felt that my girl parts were going to leave my body for a warmer climate it was so damn cold. I would not have blamed them if they did! The cold does not make me a happy girl at all!

However, I did learn a valuable life lesson on this business trip – and yes I will share my life lesson with all of you. GETTING OLD SUCKS! How did I come to this realization – because I cannot drink or stay up AT ALL like I used to be able to. It never used to be a problem to have a several adult beverages, dance until the wee hours, sleep for a few and then get up and go to work like it was nothing. Slam back a couple of Advil, a Diet Coke or 2 (or as I used to call it – Breakfast of Champions) and I would be good to go! The group I was with would go out every night and drink and party like I used to before my age got the better of me. What did I do – I went to bed! Because I was TIRED! Only old people do that kind of shiz!!! I like to think that I can still party like it was 1999 but compared to my colleagues and customers, I am a church lady! I did go out a couple of times just to prove that I am not a complete stick in the mud but WOW did I ever pay for it the next day. Internet, it is official – I AM OLD AND IT SUCKS! How did this happen??? Next stop for DiDi – rest home and a cane! I had better be careful walking to the car because I don’t want to slip, fall and break a hip!

Now I am home, back to work and really wish that a lottery win had come through so that I could stay on vacation for ever but alas – that still has not happened! I must get my old ass back to work so that we can dream of our next trip – where ever that maybe! However, there will be another post very soon to tell you about my adventures dancing on stage with Bryan Adams and how Wilson bought me a very pretty ring at a silent auction (this is my way of leaving you wanting more Internet ).

I missed you Internet and I promise not to leave it so long between visits next time!