Wednesday, December 24, 2008


December 22nd.
I am at my inlaws house in northern Ontario with a drink (one of many) in hand.  Arthur was running around and my MIL remarks how it is sad that Arthur's breeder decided to cut his tail off so short (he is a pointer and their tales are always docked).  And then the conversation switches to the fact that he no longer has balls due to his mom (that would be me) having them cut off and how we should not have done that to the poor boy.  The comment was made that he has been mutilated. 

Somehow from there, we went to circumcision and how Wilson is not (this I knew), his dad (MY FIL) is not (never wanted to know) and neither was his granddad (same).  This happened while I was in the same room as my FIL and my husband!  I NEVER EVER wanted to know anything about my FIL in that way.  While this conversation was making my ears bleed, my FIL and husband were having a conversation about the auto industry bailout and do not even register the hell I was in.

And they wonder why I drink so much when I am at their house.  Internet, I think you understand because you would head straight for the fridge for more wine too!

Aren't the holidays dee-lightful?

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Muffy Willowbrook said...


You did not mutilate Arthur - you were being responsible and caring to pets!

Dumb in-laws.....