Friday, April 25, 2008


Summer has officially begun for Wilson and I as we launched our boat, Summer Breeze, yesterday. Alert your livers sorority girls - boating season has begun. Bring on the heat weatherman - this girl wants to get on the water!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today I feel like I have arrived (finally!) in blog land. Why - you might ask? I have been linked in a blog roll - actually 2 blog rolls. Dating at Forty and My Friends are Sluts (which I have to say is the best name for a blog EVAH!) have now included me in their blog roll! I know that this post officially makes me a big, blogging geek for being so damn excited about it - but who cares! WOOO HOOOO! I feel all official now!

OK - moment of jubiliation is now over and back to reality. I think to celebrate this official day of wonderfulness - I must do something. Hmmm, what to do, what to do...(saying this while trying to look like I have not already formulated an answer). I know - I must go buy a pair of pretty shoes to celebrate. They will be forever known as my 'Link'd In' shoes!

Thank you fellow bloggers - you have totally made my day!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today I was forced to sit in one of those soul sucking training sessions - you know the one - endless PowerPoint presentations, speakers that drone on and on and on for way to long until you want to stab yourself with a pencil to relieve the boredom. Praise Allah that ReRe was stuck in the session with me because at least I had her for entertainment. All I could think of the entire time I am there is that I WILL NEVER GET THIS TIME BACK!

However, all was redeemed when I got home because in our mail was the 2008 Spring Selections catalogue from Tiffany. Suddenly my severe case of the cranks vanished whilst I looked at pretty, sparkly things. This is what needs to happen during soul sucking presentations - flash a slide of a Tiffany box just to get my attention every once in a while. I am like one of Pavlov's dogs - I will pay attention just to see the box again.

Thank you Tiffany for mailing me a coated paper catalogue that I didn't request on Earth Day. I realize that I should be appalled at the trees you murdered to produce it but with all the pretty stuff inside it - that is the last thing on my mind.

Happy Earth Day to all!

Monday, April 21, 2008


Alas, Passover has passed over us for another year! An evening of much hilarity and beige food happened on Saturday evening. My favourite highlights:

- much singing in Hebrew (Wilson, Mellie and I did not partake in this part as our Hebrew education is sorely lacking!)
- kosher dills
- the beet horseradish
- brisket
- learning that sage is a goyish spice - I never new that sage was more goy than Jew - Who knew?
- hymns and camp songs to end the evening - nothing like hearing Jews singing Amazing Grace to make you giggle!

The only explaining of my love of Passover is that I love to eat carbs, laugh A LOT and that I was a Jew in another life. It really is the only explanation. And though I ate more carbs in one meal that I have since Christmas - I can't wait for next year!

Friday, April 18, 2008


It's passover time again! Now in our very WASPY house - we do not celebrate it but ReRe in all of her Jewishness does. This makes me VERY happy! I love it all - beige food, carrot tsmimis, apple kugel with dinner (which still confuses me as it tastes like dessert but it is not) and all of the ceremony that goes with it.

Bring on the matzoh brie, tsimis, pickles and blintzes!

I wish all of you a happy passover! Good Yountif (ReRe will let me know how badly I have misspelled this word!

PS - If you get to go to Passover this year and you are not Jewish - take it from me, pass on the Gefilte fish and the Manoschevitz. You can thank me for this later!

Monday, April 14, 2008


I have a photo inclusion in the Schmap Texas Second Edition. Again, Flickr leading the charge on this one again. Wilson and I were in Houston in January for an industry conference and got the opportunity to go to Minutemaid Park where the Houston Astros play for a SuperBowl party. We went down onto the field and with my Blackberry camera I snapped a photo of the scoreboard and poof - 2 months later this guide found it on my Flickr page.

This is such a total kick for me I can't even tell you! I don't get paid a dime for them including my picture but I do get photo credit (yeah, yeah I know that photo credit doesn't pay the bills or get DiDi that pretty pair shoes - but it is fun for this photo geek!)

Here's hoping that it happens again soon and that the next time, they pay me A LOT of money! Then my sorority sisters and I can go for lunch and shoe shopping. Life just wouldn't be better than that!

Friday, April 11, 2008


There are crocuses in my garden with more flowers to come as evidenced by the amount of daffodil, hyacinth and tulip leaves we have protruding from the ground. I can't tell you how happy this makes me. I don't care one wee iota that it is raining today and will rain the entire weekend and that means that traffic is going to suck. All that means to me green grass and leaves on trees and spring is finally here! Can everyone give me a big AMEN to that one.
I know that there are lots of you who live south of the 49th parallel who have more flowers than you know what to do with right now but for me, these small, hardy little flowers who poke through the ground when it often still feels like winter out - mean the world to me.
Happy spring dear Internet - we all deserve it!

Monday, April 07, 2008


I am wearing open toe shoes for this first time this year! Praise Jebus that spring has sprung, the snow she is almost gone and the pretty shoes are on my feet!

There is a god and she lives in the shoe department of Nordstroms!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


A little known fact - well maybe not so little known, at least to my friends - is that I am a photo geek. I love taking pictures of just about anything and anyone (but mainly of Arthur - our dog). This is my only - and I do mean only - artistic venture. I do not have a creative bone in my entire body. Drawing is out, creative writing - not so much (as anyone who reads this blog is well aware - a Nobel prize in literature will NEVER happen for me), handicrafts make me frustrated and Wilson has banned me from ever painting in our house ever again.
However none of that matters as (pause for dramatic effect)...

wait for it...

I have sold my first photo!
(insert marching band, parade, showers of money)
Regarding the showers of money - not so much but small cheque did find me! A scrapbooking magazine wants to use a photo that I had in my collection from my brother's wedding in 1985. I was a bridesmaid and wore the worst bridesmaid's dress in history. You think yours is worse...check it out for yourself.

However these ever so crafty people took the above photo and did this with it

And that is how I am now a published photographer. I do not care if it ever happens again - this was a total thrill for me. Thank heavens for the keywords at Flickr or it never would have happened.
Yay - my work is out there in some magazine. I am a published photographer! Look out world, here I come.


Thanks to the mighty Dooce - I found this amazing article about how a dog saved a baby kangaroo - and the dog is a Wire Haired pointer so of course I am enamored all ready. Also, I want to bring the kangaroo home with me and keep it as a pet. Seriously - it would be a money maker - I would be the ONLY person in Toronto to have a kangaroo as a pet. How awesome would that be!

Baby Kangaroo story

I read this and thought to myself that Arthur would have been equally enamoured and then scared to death of the baby Joey. He would have wanted to play with it, then it would have moved and he would have barked his damn head off. However, Arthur is much cuter.

Thanks to Dooce for publishing the article. It made my day and I hope it brings a smile to yours.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


At long freaking last - the temperature was in the double digits today, there was blue sky AND sunshine! Everybody say 'HELL YEAH!". The snow - it was-a-meltin and I do see evidence that we do have grass in our backyard. This could only mean that open toe shoe season is not that far away and that boating season is around the corner. This also means that my ranting, bitchy posts about the weather will soon cease for another year. Praise sweet baby Jebus for all of the above!