Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Thanks to the mighty Dooce - I found this amazing article about how a dog saved a baby kangaroo - and the dog is a Wire Haired pointer so of course I am enamored all ready. Also, I want to bring the kangaroo home with me and keep it as a pet. Seriously - it would be a money maker - I would be the ONLY person in Toronto to have a kangaroo as a pet. How awesome would that be!

Baby Kangaroo story

I read this and thought to myself that Arthur would have been equally enamoured and then scared to death of the baby Joey. He would have wanted to play with it, then it would have moved and he would have barked his damn head off. However, Arthur is much cuter.

Thanks to Dooce for publishing the article. It made my day and I hope it brings a smile to yours.

Happy reading!

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