Thursday, October 25, 2007


Wilson and I went to Denver for Kacy and Ed's wedding reception - which was a total blast! However, my real plan was to shop until I dropped as the Canadian dollar is pretty much a par with the US dollar (everybody give a big HELL YEAH! on that one) and DiDi just finished paying off a huge tax debt so I was ready to celebrate with some new clothes.

And celebrate I did. Here is what I bought:
- black and white wrap dress - Banana Republic
- black turtleneck - Banana Republic
- 4 pairs of dress pants - Ann Taylor - have I mentioned that I could turn gay for Ann Taylor?
- 3 blouses - Ann Taylor
- 1 green turtleneck - Ann Taylor
- 1 grey sweater - Ann Taylor
- 2 new pairs of jeans - Garment District
- 1 pair flat shoes - Nordstroms
- 4 new bras and 5 pairs undies - Nordstroms
- new dress shirt for Wilson - Nordstroms

Then we went and got manis and pedis so that I can recover from spending like a wild fiend. And now that I am home, I realize that I should have bought more stuff - couple of more tops, some casual wear, etc but the amount that I had spent scared the crap out of me. But did it ever feel good! Thank you Mellie for paving the way for shopping accidents. If not for your example - I would not have known how to accidentally fall into new clothes quite as easily!

New clothes kisses to all,

Friday, October 05, 2007

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (if you are Canadian)

The first long weekend of fall - YIPEEE!!!!!! We are going to my parent's farm to be one with the crisp fall air, walks in fields and lots of turkey. Most of my crazy family will be there and I get to see my newest nephew again. Then on the Sunday, my brother is having a turkey dinner for his kids and Wilson and I are going to that as well. Two turkey dinners - I LOVE IT!!!!! Arthur gets to run around with my parents dog, be leash free, get smelly and have the best time!

Most of all, we are thankful that my Mom is healthy and doing so well after her fall earlier this year. So for turkey, time with family, Arthur being tired and my mom being healthy - we are thankful.

Have a great long weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

PS - just realized that this is my first married Thanksgiving. I am very, very thankful for my smart, handsome, funny husband.