Thursday, October 25, 2007


Wilson and I went to Denver for Kacy and Ed's wedding reception - which was a total blast! However, my real plan was to shop until I dropped as the Canadian dollar is pretty much a par with the US dollar (everybody give a big HELL YEAH! on that one) and DiDi just finished paying off a huge tax debt so I was ready to celebrate with some new clothes.

And celebrate I did. Here is what I bought:
- black and white wrap dress - Banana Republic
- black turtleneck - Banana Republic
- 4 pairs of dress pants - Ann Taylor - have I mentioned that I could turn gay for Ann Taylor?
- 3 blouses - Ann Taylor
- 1 green turtleneck - Ann Taylor
- 1 grey sweater - Ann Taylor
- 2 new pairs of jeans - Garment District
- 1 pair flat shoes - Nordstroms
- 4 new bras and 5 pairs undies - Nordstroms
- new dress shirt for Wilson - Nordstroms

Then we went and got manis and pedis so that I can recover from spending like a wild fiend. And now that I am home, I realize that I should have bought more stuff - couple of more tops, some casual wear, etc but the amount that I had spent scared the crap out of me. But did it ever feel good! Thank you Mellie for paving the way for shopping accidents. If not for your example - I would not have known how to accidentally fall into new clothes quite as easily!

New clothes kisses to all,

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