Friday, April 18, 2008


It's passover time again! Now in our very WASPY house - we do not celebrate it but ReRe in all of her Jewishness does. This makes me VERY happy! I love it all - beige food, carrot tsmimis, apple kugel with dinner (which still confuses me as it tastes like dessert but it is not) and all of the ceremony that goes with it.

Bring on the matzoh brie, tsimis, pickles and blintzes!

I wish all of you a happy passover! Good Yountif (ReRe will let me know how badly I have misspelled this word!

PS - If you get to go to Passover this year and you are not Jewish - take it from me, pass on the Gefilte fish and the Manoschevitz. You can thank me for this later!

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Dating at Forty said...

OHMYGOD you are one crazy Jew-wanna-be! Luckily you have nice Jewish friends who are happy to share our weird beige food with you but I am totally with you on the gefilte fish & Manischewitz. Good Yontif (you were close) to you too!