Wednesday, April 02, 2008


A little known fact - well maybe not so little known, at least to my friends - is that I am a photo geek. I love taking pictures of just about anything and anyone (but mainly of Arthur - our dog). This is my only - and I do mean only - artistic venture. I do not have a creative bone in my entire body. Drawing is out, creative writing - not so much (as anyone who reads this blog is well aware - a Nobel prize in literature will NEVER happen for me), handicrafts make me frustrated and Wilson has banned me from ever painting in our house ever again.
However none of that matters as (pause for dramatic effect)...

wait for it...

I have sold my first photo!
(insert marching band, parade, showers of money)
Regarding the showers of money - not so much but small cheque did find me! A scrapbooking magazine wants to use a photo that I had in my collection from my brother's wedding in 1985. I was a bridesmaid and wore the worst bridesmaid's dress in history. You think yours is worse...check it out for yourself.

However these ever so crafty people took the above photo and did this with it

And that is how I am now a published photographer. I do not care if it ever happens again - this was a total thrill for me. Thank heavens for the keywords at Flickr or it never would have happened.
Yay - my work is out there in some magazine. I am a published photographer! Look out world, here I come.

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Dating at Forty said...

That is awesome! Do not forget your friends when you are a rich and famous photographer. Especially when the showers of money come and you need a shopping buddy!