Monday, April 14, 2008


I have a photo inclusion in the Schmap Texas Second Edition. Again, Flickr leading the charge on this one again. Wilson and I were in Houston in January for an industry conference and got the opportunity to go to Minutemaid Park where the Houston Astros play for a SuperBowl party. We went down onto the field and with my Blackberry camera I snapped a photo of the scoreboard and poof - 2 months later this guide found it on my Flickr page.

This is such a total kick for me I can't even tell you! I don't get paid a dime for them including my picture but I do get photo credit (yeah, yeah I know that photo credit doesn't pay the bills or get DiDi that pretty pair shoes - but it is fun for this photo geek!)

Here's hoping that it happens again soon and that the next time, they pay me A LOT of money! Then my sorority sisters and I can go for lunch and shoe shopping. Life just wouldn't be better than that!

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