Monday, December 08, 2008


Happy Monday Internet!  Am back from Belize and I have a slight tan - WOOT WOOT!  However, Belize and I did not agree.  First Delta Airlines lost our luggage - this usually is not a problem but when you get on a sailboat immediatly and leave port - not having your luggage does equate to a problem!

Second - we had 2 amazing days of sunshine and then came the overcast and rainy days.  4 days of overcast and rainy - WTF!!!

Third - and this is the part that sealed the deal for me - SAND FLEAS AND FREAKIN NOSEEUMS!!!  Where did I go - Florida for the love of God???  Multiple bites and much scratching later, I have determined that Belize and I are not meant to be together!!

However, it was a blast with our friends and I laughed so much every day and drank WAAAAYYY too much!!  Reality hit with a vengenance when we got off the plane last night and the pilot said it was minus 12 degrees Celsius (I have no freaking idea what that is in Farenheit!). 

Am now back at work and wish I was still on vacation - just not in Belize! 

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Muffy Willowbrook said...

WHAT?!?! ewwwww! Tell Belize it can suck it's own bug bites!

No wonder you had to drink so much....I would have, too!

Welcome back...