Tuesday, March 14, 2006


How exciting! Well, it is for us anyway. So we thought we'd start with a recap of the highlights from a recent business trip to the Bahamas.
DiDi & ReRe go to the Bahamas
So here's what happened....
Purses purchased: ReRe – large Burberry, smaller black Kate Spade with silver handles (time limited due to boyfriend’s presence). DiDi – Burberry wallet, LV wallet, baby blue Chanel, various Kate Spades too numerous to mention
Purses stolen from DiDi’s room: One Kate Spade, in addition to Burberry & Chanel perfume. The horror.
# of Bahama Mamas consumed by ReRe on the last night: 938
# of times ReRe awoke STILL DRUNK and puking in the middle of the night: 1
# of times ReRe will drink rum again in the foreseeable future: 0
# of times DiDi was wheeled (yes, wheeled) out of the party in a wheelchair after collapsing in a heap on the ground: 1
# of knees DiDi popped: 1
# of parades DiDi joined immediately prior to said knee popping: 1
Quantity of wine ReRe brought to DiDi to numb her pain: 1 gallon
Current size of DiDi’s knee: Grapefruit
Type of shoes DiDi is reduced to wearing: Comfortable
# of Godiva chocolates consumed by DiDi: too numerous to mention
# of Godiva chocolates shared with ReRe: 0
Degree of bitterness over said lack of Godiva: Significant.
Size of DiDi’s swollen eye: Golf ball.
Source of DiDi’s swollen eye: Unknown.
DiDi’s current whereabouts: Walk-in clinic
# of sand flea bites – ReRe: 2928
DiDi: 3362

Must do a Sorority field trip to Canal St. Can never have enough purses.

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