Friday, March 13, 2009


Whew! What a crazy couple of weeks it has been Internet! First, we went on an awesome vacation – Egypt and it was effing AMAZING! To be standing next to a pyramid that is over 5,000 years old and still in amazing condition is utterly mind blowing. We saw so much and did so much that I still can’t believe that I went on such a great vacation. I am working on the pictures and will have all of them posted to Flickr soon (maybe a little long than soon but I swear I am working on it!)

We got back and hoo-boy jet lag is a bitch! I was home for 5 days and then off on a weeklong business trip to Mont Tremblant in Quebec - where it was effing 50 degrees below zero (or so it felt)!! There were times I felt that my girl parts were going to leave my body for a warmer climate it was so damn cold. I would not have blamed them if they did! The cold does not make me a happy girl at all!

However, I did learn a valuable life lesson on this business trip – and yes I will share my life lesson with all of you. GETTING OLD SUCKS! How did I come to this realization – because I cannot drink or stay up AT ALL like I used to be able to. It never used to be a problem to have a several adult beverages, dance until the wee hours, sleep for a few and then get up and go to work like it was nothing. Slam back a couple of Advil, a Diet Coke or 2 (or as I used to call it – Breakfast of Champions) and I would be good to go! The group I was with would go out every night and drink and party like I used to before my age got the better of me. What did I do – I went to bed! Because I was TIRED! Only old people do that kind of shiz!!! I like to think that I can still party like it was 1999 but compared to my colleagues and customers, I am a church lady! I did go out a couple of times just to prove that I am not a complete stick in the mud but WOW did I ever pay for it the next day. Internet, it is official – I AM OLD AND IT SUCKS! How did this happen??? Next stop for DiDi – rest home and a cane! I had better be careful walking to the car because I don’t want to slip, fall and break a hip!

Now I am home, back to work and really wish that a lottery win had come through so that I could stay on vacation for ever but alas – that still has not happened! I must get my old ass back to work so that we can dream of our next trip – where ever that maybe! However, there will be another post very soon to tell you about my adventures dancing on stage with Bryan Adams and how Wilson bought me a very pretty ring at a silent auction (this is my way of leaving you wanting more Internet ).

I missed you Internet and I promise not to leave it so long between visits next time!

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