Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Normally I don't care too much for this, the most Hallmark of holidays but as this is my first married one - I am loving it! I will take any opportunity to tell Wilson how much I love him and today he will beg me to stop all the lurve!

However Internet, here is a very short list of why I love this man:
- he has a great shaped head and this is key because he has not a lot of hair
- he loves me lots
- he is the smartest guy I know
- he loves our dog so much and is very smoochy
- he walks said dog in the cold weather so that I can stay warm
- he is damn sexy
- he is an amazing friend
- he is calm in a crisis
- he makes me laugh
- just because he is him

I look forward to a lifetime of I love you's with you Wilson and with you every day is Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's day everyone and cinnamon heart kisses to all,


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