Friday, May 26, 2006


In every girl's life there are moments that are pivotal...

  • your first pair of REALLY nice shoes - mine were black patent leather Mary Jane's that my mom bought me when I was the flower girl in my brother's wedding. I was 6 and she also bought the foam that I could use the clean them. Thus began my love of black patent leather shoes
  • your first crush on a boy - mine was in Grade 1 and it was Jeff Mifflin. I got in trouble from the teacher for trying to kiss him (I was always ahead of my time). As I got older (Grade 4) I do remember saying to myself - "What were you thinking when you were 6 - he is a geek!"
  • Your first love. It came late for me - I was nineteen and had moved away from home to go to school and his name was Craig Westhaver. I gave him my heart, we got engaged (too young to know how stupid I was being) and then he broke my heart. He was also my first time - and wait for it - it was on Valentine's Day.
  • When you meet the person that you know you can make a life with, who also makes your heart skip a beat and whose kiss continually makes your toes curl with excitement.
For me that person is Wilson. He is so smart - he does math in his head (like calculus and everything - the stuff that makes me break-out in hives), makes me laugh a lot, is a human furnace - which I appreciate on those cold winter nights, damn fine looking and sexy as hell. He is not perfect but for me he is all that and a bag of chips. There have been so many moments that make me all squooshy about him - like the first time Maggie decided she really liked him and laid her head on his arm - he became a pile of goo on the couch and is still goo-like when it comes to her; the first time he reached for my hand at the In-water Boat Show; the first time he said 'I love you' first; that on our first Christmas together, he picked up my sister and 2 nephews at the airport and drove them to meet me at my parents and he had never met them yet; that he is kind to my developmentally challenged brother; that he is a good and true friend; that he calls me on my crap; that he calls ReRe and Mellie just that cuz I do and so so so much more. But mostly I love him just because he is him - good points, bad points and all the inbetween points.

We have had our ups and downs and weathered some mighty rough seas but we are together now and just knowing that he stands with me and supports me when facing tough issues means more to me than he will ever know. Wilson, I love you lots and now the internet knows too.


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craig said...

Since my name was mentioned on this blog, I must say that I'm flattered for being remembered, but also wanting to say how sorry I am for hurting you then. I'm glad to see you happy, and wish you all the best in the future.

Craig Westhaver