Monday, May 01, 2006


  • Stumpy the cat is not well – not that he walks well on a good day but is walking more like a drunken sailor than usual, Mellie is concerned
  • ReRe and DiDi determined that if Mellie can’t come to GNO, GNO will come to Mellie
  • DiDi goes to liquor store (the store where everything fits) and buys lots of wine
  • DiDi has VIP status at liquor store – it is the place where everyone knows her name
  • Pick up ReRe, call Mellie on swishy new Blackberry with speaker phone
  • Drive through stop sign due to paying attention to phone and not driving – NOT GOOD
  • Mellie orders the dinner before we arrive as we are all VERY HUNGRY (DiDi is eying ReRe’s arm as a snack but she is sick so DiDi decides to wait)
  • ReRe is sick and has taken multiple medications to avoid reaction to Stumpy (ability to breathe blessed oxygen critical) and not honk her poor nose until it falls off due to bad cold
  • Arrive at Mellie’s – driving DiDi’s car so ReRe does not need to park for DiDi
  • Jewemy is in residence as he has come home from a business trip and is also sick
  • Determined that all boys are very sucky when sick and that no one has ever been as sick as them ever before in the history of man
  • ReRe and DiDi have dressed especially for Jewemy – in his fave things – Yoga pants, running shoes and German tourist shoes a.k.a. Birkenstocks (Mellie is prohibited from wearing all of these items out of the house – esp German tourist shoes)
  • Jewemy (dressed in pullover, button-down shirt and flannels) laughs but we know is secretly thinking that Mellie’s friends dress very poorly when going out of the house
    Mr Pipe and slippers departs upper area of home as he is a boy and not allowed
  • Mellie has the box of Kleenex that is soft on her nose for ReRe
  • ReRe is happy!
  • The blessed grape has been poured and we are all enjoying
  • Hark – what is that but the dee-lightful sound of the ice cream truck
  • All sorority girls mouths immediately begin to water – dreams of soft ice cream begin
  • Let it be said that Mellie, not DiDi was the first spiller of the evening
  • DiDi too much and has to move glass over towards Mellie as she is driving the Honker home and was enjoying her wine A LOT!!!
  • DiDi and ReRe share their Sorority dwarf names – DiDi is Gunty and ReRe is Thicky.
  • Mellie must come up with her own dwarf name – Blondie is not acceptable
  • Sustenance arrives and massive consumption begins
  • Dinner clean up completed and sorority field trip to Dairy Queen begins
  • The Driving Queen (DiDi) drives her sorority sisters to Dairy Queen (land of dee-lightful ice cream)
  • All have small (but in actuality a lot of ice cream) with both hot fudge AND marshmallow
  • MMM MMM Good!!!
  • Dee-lightful goodness is eaten in DiDi’s car – 3 happy sorority sisters
  • Cruise back to Mellie’s house
  • Depart due to sick boy (Jewemy) and sick girl (Re
  • Re)
  • Determined ReRe is way better sick person as she drinks while taking copious amounts of medication and the world does not come to an end due to her cold
  • ReRe and DiDi leave Casa Mellie
  • Another good sorority adventure
Key notes from meeting

  • Sushi good
  • wine better
  • ice cream – FANTASTIC!
  • Head colds, bad
  • ReRe – a TROOPER!!!
  • Next event at DiDi’s house!!!

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