Monday, May 01, 2006


My fellow sorority sisters are HILARIOUS!!! Here are some emails that were flying around after the last set of Minutes were distributed:

Mellie's Dwarf Name
Upon much reflection and deep consideration, I believe my dwarf name would be spazie. It just has a more all encompasing description of moi. Otherwise I think it would be lumpy.

DiDi's Response
I vote for Lumpy - goes much better with Gunty and Thicky

ReRe's Response
Absolutely -- Lumpy 100%. ( Not that I think you're lumpy at all Mellie -- you'll always be a beautiful blonde shiksa to me) but I think Lumpy fits in much better with Gunty and Thicky. God we're so damn attractive!

Drunken ReRe post - the spelling is as received
By the way Melliehead, you'll be pleased to hear that DiDi and I both had mini-accidents today (though I wonder if you can truly call it an accident when you set out to do it, as in me today or when you book a personal shopper at Holt's).

Details: DiDi- The Gap (of course), under $200.00 -- many capris and tanks. Me - Zara (on a break between downtown meetings today, decided to ignore the horrificallly large sizes required to fit my very not Jewish ass into their clothes) bought a white jacket (not Theory but still, yeah!) Matching capris, brown capris, 3 tanks, a couple other thngs but can't remember what exactly as it was many glasses of wine ago.

Fyi -- pinning while intoxicated is much fun. Apologi2 for any typos. Must go back to boyfriend now and drink more wine )thank god for wine, right ladies?) Love you girls. Ciao bellas Oh my acciddent was $300.00 -- still well under 10 % of )ours. Mellie so I should keep shopping, right?

Mellie Response to Drunken post
My Dearest sorority sisters:
Let me start by saying how proud you make me - accidents of any size are wonderful. Hint: how to know when to stop shopping - after your inner you says you should really stop, and you've gone so far beyond that dollar figure that your inner you completely gives up and throws in the towel of talking good sense to you OR If your credit card actually exhibits burn marks from all the swiping OR VISA fraud centre calls and the clerk is instructed to look at your driver's licence - that is when it is likely you should call it a day.
I find the more wine I drink, the more money I spend, however, it may also interfere with your ability to tell if your ass does indeed look fat in those pants. That's why we only shop places with excellent return policies!!!

ReRe final response
Excellent points on all counts darling. One question though -- how exactly does one shop while drinking? Do you have a driver that I'm not aware of? Obviously one cannot be expected to take public transit. I'm baffled. Also if I were to shop while drunk I'm very afraid of what I might but. I might have a real (Mellie-style) accident. Mind you...that sounds fantastic. I am in for drunken shopping.

Does the Internet now understand why I love these ladies! Drunken shopping, drunken emails, drunken everything!

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