Monday, May 15, 2006


I have cleaned out the old pad and have officially moved back in with Wilson! All items that are to stay are in our house (note the use of the word 'our' in front of house) and the rest is in the garage for a church around the corner who has an annual garage sale. I realize this good deed will not get me into heaven or even close to it but it does mean that we don't have to store it or sell it and that is a good thing.

Next weekend is entirely ours - no packing and hauling, no schlepping, NOTHING!!! Just blessed relaxation on our (again the use of the word 'our') boat.

Well Wilson, the 2nd time around is better. I do love you lots and all of my friends have decreed that they will never move me again, so this had better work.

Ain't love grand!

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