Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Why do we HAVE to have winter?  Can't we just have a couple of cooler days and call it a day on the bad weather?  I am tired of my winter coat, boots, snow, ice and cold.  I am tired of sub-zero days, getting into a cold car and having to wear so many layers that people think to themselves "WOW, ever since DiDi and Wilson got married she has REALLY gained a lot of weight!" (OK, so I have gained but not as much as the layers make me look!). 
I swear to God if that damn groundhog says that we have 6 more weeks of this shiz, I am going to totally lose my nut, grab and gun and go postal on his furry ass.
Anyone with me?

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kk said...

down with the groundhog!


I hear you...and I don't even have it that bad over here in the Northeast...I feel badly for the midwest!