Tuesday, May 12, 2009


For so many damn reasons but over the last 2 weeks, I have been in many places and taken many flights all for work.  My list of reasons why I hate business travel has grown so hang on because here comes another rant:

  • people who sit beside me who think that I want to talk to them for the entire flight
  • people who sit beside me who have REALLY bad breath
  • late flights
  • early morning flights
  • crappy airplane food
  • really bad wine that you have to pay for
  • stupid airplane rules - seriously, the plane costs $500 million dollars and my cheap, shitty cell phone will disrupt what exactly.  And if it does, don't you think that you should spend, oh I don't know, spend another $20 bucks and make it so that cell phones won't make the plane crash
  • that I have to put all of my toiletries into a baggie
  • that I have to take my shoes off to go through the scanner
  • people who do not properly strip (shoes, belt, empty pockets, etc) before going through the scanner and making those of us standing in our sock feet wait while he/she gets the cavity search
  • people who pull on the back of my chair to get up
  • people who fart on the plane - you know who you are
  • the fact that I have to buy the worst headphones in the world to watch the movies
  • people who feel that showering is beneath them.  These people usually end up sitting beside me and I want to die from the stench. 
Whew, I feel better!  Most times, I get on and off planes like I get in and out of my car but this past week of flights has been brutal.  I need that lottery win to kick in so that I only have to travel when I want to, to places that I want to go. 
Excuse me, they are calling my flight.  Wish me luck!


shoecrazy said...

I hear that sister. There is nothing glamorous about business travel. A recent favorite experience was a fine gentleman (as in boy)sitting a row in front who was holding his rather unruly, unwashed, unkempt mass of hair up with a large banana clip. If this weren't enough to contemplate on a 5 hour flight he proceeded to use the claws on said clip to scratch his scalp very, very often during the flight. Gack!

Little Ms Blogger said...

You forgot the armrest hog.

I hate to generalize, but it is mostly men that believe your space also belongs to them.

Anonymous said...

I am just coming off of 2 back-to-back business trips in different cities, and I feel like a completely different person, and not in a positive way. I finally arrived home tonight after 2 weeks in 2 cities, all by myself, I feel like a much different person, and not in a good way. I'm not blaming my employers, don't get me wrong but, I'm realizing now that I need to get out of outside sales because I'm not the kind, calm person I once was. I don't have any control over my patience or tolerance these days. Traffic, waiting in lines, the whole airport routine...I feel so outraged sometimes that it makes me wonder if I should start meditating or become a yogi. After 2 years of being the "road warrior", I realize that this isn't a permanent lifestyle for me. I need to sleep in my own apartment and hang w/ my friends and plant roots in my city.