Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I did it!  I watched the Season 5 premiere of Jon & Kate plus 8.   All I felt was sadness for all of them.  I watched Kate trying to be 'on' for the camera and Jon so wanting to be elsewhere.  He looked so stoned to me.  The sad part for me was that they didn't call each other by their names once or show any kindness to each other.  Can you imagine the tension at that party?  I felt so sad for one of their daughters when she hugged Jon and asked him to not go away again.  Good lord - that got me a smidge choked up. 

I am not a mom and will NEVER have 8 kids but I am one of 7 kids so I do know that a house with a lot of kids is a dictatorship not a democracy - but holy crap!  My parents raised 7 kids and somehow did it without hating each other or making each other feel like a piece of crap

Kate - get help for your control issues and Jon - stop blaming Kate for the fact that you have no job.  You have a job - you are the dad to 8 kids and you chose to put your life on TV and make money from the show.  If you want a 'real' job so bad - go and get one for the love of God.   Both of you need to stop hiding behind what is good for the kids because being on reality tv is never good for kids.  I have never seen 2 people who like each other less in a marriage. 

I won't watch another episode because this one made me too sad.  I only hope that they find a way to resolve in a way that works for them all. 


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Exactly! I don't think I'll watch another episode either. I just don't want to add to the hype of it all, and even though those kids are adorable - why am I watching two people be mean to eachother??

edder said...

Yeah, I stopped watching awhile ago because they were turning into the Bickersons and that's not what I tuned in to see.

On a more shallow note, Kate's hair is the worst and I can't look at it anymore.

edder said...

I'm judging you. Your penance? I have tagged you to answer a bunch of random questions regarding the minutae of your life :|