Tuesday, May 19, 2009


edder had this list of her 15 Pet Peeves and since I was feeling a lack of imagination and in need of a blog post, here is my list.  Share yours - you know that you want to and its fun!
  1. People who use the word "irregardless".  IT IS NOT A REAL WORD!
  2. Body odour.  Seriously, in this country where water is cheap and available, there is no excuse.  Do you hear me Toronto taxi drivers!
  3. Empty milk containers in the fridge.  Wilson - this has never been funny - NEVER!
  4. Empty toilet paper rolls (however I do this to Wilson all the time)
  5. Dirty dishes on the counter for more than 1 day - just put the damn things in the dishwasher already!
  6. Kitchen cupboard doors left open
  7. Bugs
  8. Crying children on airplanes.  I fly A LOT and you would think that I wouldn't hear it any more but I DO!
  9.  People who wear their blackberries on their hip at a social event - like their children's birthday party.  We get it, you love your 'Berry - but seriously, the whole world has one, no one cares!
  10. Tattoos - think about when you get old how that will look!
  11.  Facial piercings - most specifically - tongue and lip.  OW and EEWW!
  12. People who drive stupidly slow because they are talking on their cell phones.  Learn to mulit-task would you!
  13. Jessica Simpson - in fact the whole Simpson family - SO DO NOT CARE!
  14. People who tell me that Diet Coke in the morning is gross.  You drink your dark caffeinated beverage your way and I will drink it mine.  I don't judge you - don't judge me!
  15. Bad breath - seriously, have you never heard of breath mints?
That was fun and I so could have gone on and on and on!  Come on internet, I showed you mine, show everyone yours!


Little Ms Blogger said...

#14 - people whine to you about diet coke in the a.m. - RUDE. I love diet cola in the a.m.

Rants -

1. not saying thank you after you've held open a door for them
2. not rsvp'ng
3. digit dialing while out to dinner
4. people on cellphones in movie theatres

edder said...

I learned to drink Coke in the morning because of you.

What was that conference called again? "Hungover In Vegas"?