Tuesday, April 04, 2006


It is official - I am moving back in with Wilson.

Yes I know he broke my heart last year and yes I know that I moved out and yes I know that I said that I wouldn't move back in until there is a ring on my finger. However, don't judge me!

Fact 1 - We are in a much better place than we have been in a while. All is well in DiDi and Wilson land.
Fact 2 - We will tie the knot eventually - he knows it is important to me
Fact 3 - I am never at my apartment anyway and Maggie has NEVER liked it
Fact 4 - It is a lot of money I am spending in rent for nothing
Fact 5 - I am not contributing to the running of Steve's household (ie 1/2 the mortgage and other bills) until said engagement. I only purchase pretty shoes, nice purses, groceries and the all important red wine
Fact 6 - Maggie voted and she never wanted to leave Wilson or the back yard in the first place.
Fact 7 - I love him to pieces

Weighing the above evidence, we decided that I should give notice. It was a little scary but I still feel good about it.

Back in the land of co-habitating. It was like I never left!


1 comment:

paul said...

just read about the move in news and good for you.
go with your gut girl.