Tuesday, April 18, 2006


If you read my posts and so far only ReRe, Wilson, Paul and Mellie are the readers - you would know that the members of our sorority are DiDi, ReRe and Mellie. We are the Charlie's Angels of Sororities - blond, brunette and redhead.

Our blonde is Mellie - the youngest of us all. When Mellie first started at our place of employment - she was little Miss Keener-pants and was always busy with work and meetings and thought it was all GREAT! This of course made ReRe and I suspicious as we are VERY cynical of Keener-pants people. However our Mellie won us over almost right away mostly because she laughed lots and almost as loud as me and ReRe. Then she came to be in the same group as ReRe and me working for a man we dubbed 'Fat Ass'. At that point she joined ReRe and me in the small but elite club of 'Slackers Extrordinaires' and we welcomed her with open arms.

Our Mellie is famous for many things - a) the fact that she wanted to get to know ReRe better to call her ReRe; b) that she let us call her Mellie right away; c) that she is famous for her 'Mellie-isms' like "Fuck me up the ass and call me Charlie", "Mr Last-minute Pants" and so so much more; d) that she had so many work boyfriends we lost count - including Ken and Louis who were so bothered by her leaving that Louis is quoted as saying to ReRe "I love my wife but I lurve Mellie"; and finally e) that when Mellie decided to work for Fat Ass no longer, she would depart for for job interviews and have a leave-behind coat and purse in her cube so that no one would know that she had left the building. Mellie is famous for her 'accidents' that she seems only to have in Benetton, Banana Republic and Holts. These accidents involve the spending of a paycheque (or 2) on lovely clothes which make ReRe and I very envious. Our favourite accident of hers is spending copious amounts of money on a pair of secondhand Chanel shoes (which fit me thankfully). For these reasons and so much more - we adore her!

Mellie is the only girl we know who is under the age that we allow for close friends and we still let her in cuz she is so cool. She had the balls to leave a safe, moderately cushy and comfy gig for a job in sales for a company that just formed a brand new division. She kicked ass in her first year and still managed to be a fantastic daughter, girlfriend and friend.

Her fiance Jewemy is one lucky guy to have such a woman beside him for the rest of his life. Their wedding will be a future post never fear - complete with minutes and photos.

Everyone should be as lucky as ReRe and me and have a delighful, funny, loud, crazy, shopaholic, smart, ballsy and gorgeous friend like we do. We love you Mellie -even though ReRe can't wear her pretty black dress at your wedding.


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