Thursday, April 20, 2006


Since this is our blog and I am the updater, I think that everyone should know the members of the sorority. As previously mentioned, we are the Charlie's Angel's of sororities and ReRe is our brunette.

It seems so long ago that ReRe came to work at the same place as me and life has never been the same. She sat on the other side of the wall and she thought I was fun because my row was all guys and we laughed all day (it was the best sexual harassment I have ever had).

Before ReRe came, I was the only 'crazy/loud' person on the floor. Thank God she finally arrived or I was going to die a death of being appropriate and business-like. Heaven forbid!!! Hard as it is to believe now, when ReRe started she was Little Miss Keener. In fact, in a one-on-one with our boss, I was told how refreshing it was to have ReRe and her newness as she was all excited to do ANY project and I was all cynical and "Do I really have to do that boring job for that boring person?". Knowing ReRe as I do now, it amazes me that she managed to hide her cynical side as long as she did.

Some of my favourite ReRe moments, in fact all of them, involve her innate ability to be snarky and quick with a comeback. Moments that I love are (in no particular order):

  • when our VP of Marketing sat down in front of her to explain the changes in the department and the promoting of our new boss suitably dubbed 'Fat Ass', ReRe's remark was to the VP who said to her it was a hard day for him, ReRe said "Why did you get demoted today too?"
  • In a performance review with above-mentioned Fat Ass, ReRe has been known to remark when Fat Ass said that people find it difficult to work with her "People or you". I love that she said that!
  • that ReRe loves the Burberry and Chanel as much as I do when all we can afford is the fake stuff (secretly we love the fake stuff a lot as we can own so much more of it)
  • she loves shoes as much as I do. She will stare at shoes in the windows of stores and say "Hello Lover" with me
  • there are so many ReReisms that if I listed them all, this blog would be a new record in length

ReRe is an great mom to her funny, smart, amazing kids. In fact, she is a true blue, born in Winnipeg, Jewish mom. She cooks large quantities of food, feels guilt over everything and threw her son a Bar Mitzvah. For a Jewish girl she loves Christmas more than anyone I know. Mellie gave her much joy this year when she gave her her Christmas present in a stocking - giving her her most desired goy tradition. Mellie and I hope, for ReRe's sake that one of her kids marries a goy and then she will get Christmas - at least by proxy.

There is so much more to say about our ReRe - how much she loves tank tops and cardies; how she will tell you if your hair scary red (as in it will scare small children it is so red); she is the best person to have on your side if your go through a crisis (like your boyfriend breaks up with you); she is the only girlfriend I have who Wilson could say he had a dream about (they almost did it in the dream) and it doesn't bother me (OK it did a little bit - especially after Wilson kept rubbing it in and calling her his dream girlfriend) and she loves wine A LOT!

ReRe had the balls to leave an unhappy marriage and make a better, more happy life for herself and her kids. She writes like no one's business (especially Sorority minutes) and has the fastest sense of humour of anyone that we know.

Her boyfriend iPod man is one lucky guy. ReRe is the perfect girl for him and Mellie and I want a long future for them.

Everyone needs a ReRe in their life - someone to give your perspective when yours is gone; someone to make you laugh when you think that you can't; someone who will always be a great friend. Mellie and I love her and now the Internet knows why.


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