Friday, April 03, 2009


I come out of our house this morning to to go to work only to find that I had left the moon roof open on the car.  Normally, leaving the roof open is this is not a problem as I park it in our garage.  But yesterday - did I do that?  Noperoo I did not.  Guess what else it did last night and this morning?  If you just thought "I bet it rained" you would be right.  Guess how I found out that I left the moon roof open in the car?  If you guessed that my ass told me as I sat in seat covered in rainy wetness - you would be right again! 

So once I moved the damn car, wiped the seats, armrest and dash  - I then went back into the house to change my jeans so that people didn't think I peed my pants while driving to work. 

I have checked around and it is now confirmed - I really am an idiot!

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