Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Good news! Our friend Rob is coming home in 10 days from Afghanistan! Can I get an Amen to that one Internet! He has some stuff to do in a couple of different places and then he is home with his wife Marcie and 2 kids for a month before he has to report back for duty. The sense of relief and happiness that overwhelmed those of us who know him when we found out he was coming home was indescribable.

I admire Marcie so much and also wonder how the eff does she do it? She married him knowing that the Armed Forces were his career choice, knowing that he trained to put himself into harm’s way. How do you watch your partner leave you for a year not knowing if he will ever come home and put his arms around you ever again? How do you function as a married couple some of the time but a single mom the rest of the time?  How do you love the spit out of him all the time but want to kick him in the shin (really hard!)some of the time?

Obviously I am not made of the stuff required to be a military spouse – you have to be a lot nicer person than me and have the ability to put up with way more crap than I ever could. Also, being adjacent to Army green is not good for my complexion – it tends to wash me out.

So thank you for sending the good thoughts way back when - I know that it helped! 

Have a good hump day Internet!


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Good news!!

kk said...

what great news!