Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Good Yontif  Internet (and if you are not Jewish - Happy Passover)!.  It is well documented on this site of my love of all things Passover.  Seriously - what is not to love about this holiday - you eat until you can't move, dinner is comprised mainly of carbs, most of the food is beige and there is lots of laughter!  For me, being a non Jew, it is like a non Christmas, Christmas dinner except there is a lot of reading in Hebrew and other tradtions - none of which involve the Son of God.  Serioulsy - what is not to love about a big meal comprised of mainly carbs!

So Internet I will think of you tonight as I dine on kugel, carrot tsimis, matzoh and blintzes. 

PS - don't worry if you hear an explosion tomorrow morning.  That would be my pants as i try to do them up after eating more than a person really should at one meal!

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edder said...

My darling Jewbacca -- as the nickname implies -- is one of the Chosen People but he's "Jew-ISH" -- *makes so-so hand gesture* -- which A) means he doesn't really observe the holidays and B) is a complete rip-off as far as I'm concerned because his aunt's brisket is awesome.

I am so indignant I just wrote a run-on sentence and don't even care to edit the thing.