Monday, June 02, 2008


Last week, I spent a scintillating week in our fair capital city of Ottawa, Ontario and will be spending 3 days in Calgary this week - both trips for a series of trade shows - and after travelling for work for the last 17 years I can honestly say that I feel meh about it anymore.

I used to love it - this was of course in the good old days when I actually got to travel to nice places (Madrid, London, Monaco), fly business class and have a VERY healthy expense account. However, even that got old after a while when you realize that your friends are having a great time without you; you haven't had a date in months because you are never home; you really want a dog but can't have one because you are never home and finally you are ALWAYS tired and not fun to be around.

So I found myself a job where I can still do what I love and travel very little. I don't mind the travel so much or the hotel - it is just the bother of it all. So here are my pros and cons of business travel

- airline points for future personal travel
- room service
- shopping in different cities
- trying new restaurants
- hotel points to be used for personal travel
- ordering movies from the comfort of your hotel bed
- being able to sleep sideways, diagonally or whatever direction I so choose in the lovely king sized hotel bed

- sitting on a plane with Typhoid Mary sitting beside you hacking all over you and your book
- all of those damn restrictions in the airport
- having to pay for airport water because the damn terrorists
- not being able to sleep beside my handsome husband
- missing my dog
- dry hotel rooms
- eating alone

Hmmm - equal pro to con ratio. I guess that means I better zip it and stop the whining. Never fear dear Internet - I will do my best to find something else to bitch about and get back to you shortly.

PS - HATE TRAVEL! My flight got screwed up and I am now sitting at the airport, waiting for my flight that is now at 3pm. My original flight was for 12:00 noon but I have been rescheduled for 3pm. Gotta love the 4 hour layover at the airport!!!!!

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