Thursday, February 14, 2008


Every so often I read or hear or see something that strikes a chord within me – and it is usually about a couple who has overcome some kind of crazy odds together. Usually, because I am some kind of sap, it moves me to tears. OK so I am a sap that happens a lot.

Recently I was reading a very emotional novel about the hard choices of love and my sappy heart is very emotional. I welled up continuously as I read the difficult choices the characters in the book have to make and, of course, being the sappy, impractical girl that I am, I put myself and Wilson in their shoes. I, of course fast forward to the end when we overcome that obstacle and move closer to our happily ever after. I know that life isn’t like that but somehow I know that no matter what life throws us, we will hold tight and get through it together. Some would call me naïve – and I don’t care. I know that what we have, our partnership, can withstand any test.

There are times that when I am with him that my love for him almost brings me to my knees such as when he reaches for my hand during a difficult moment just to give me support or when he puts in my favourite movie after he has made me a wonderful dinner just to make me happy; when he rolls over in bed, snuggles close to me and whispers he loves me; the love behind the kiss that he gives me before he leaves for work every morning and when he comes home from work every night; the kindness that he shows my aging parents, small nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters.

Some would say that I love too easily, feel too much, blah, blah blah! What I know is this - I waited a long time to find someone who loves me! Me – this sometimes too loud, crazy girl who never thought that she would find someone who would see through the crazy and love the girl under it all. He is home to me – where ever that may be – here in Toronto, on a boat in the Caribbean or where ever life takes us. He has taught me that love isn’t loud or flowery – it is solid, quiet, caring, sweet and truly better than I could have ever imagined.

I know every day that I married the best man for me. Our story is a journey – with highs and lows, clear sailing or bumps in the road – but as long as we travel hand in hand, seeing each other as only we can, caring for each other and forgiving each other when need be – that we will reach our sunset together. I know that my life is better for having him in it and I am grateful for every shared moment. Wilson I love you today, tomorrow and forever. You are the one I never thought I would find and I so glad that I stopped looking and that you found me.

I love you! Happy Valentine's Day!


PS - now that I have written this wonderful entry about you, can we please buy a snowblower so I never have to shovel again????

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