Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is a week where people talk about love A LOT! I am not a big lover of Valentine's Day for many reasons (overpriced flowers, stupid restaurants that charge to much for bad meals, blah, blah, blah). But, never being one to miss jumping on a bandwagon - I too will talk about love this week here at blog central.

There are so many kinds of love - the "I just found the prettiest pair of shoes" love, the "happily married - even though he annoys me to bits at times, I still love him more than anything" kind, the new "just fell in love and never want to have this feeling end" kind, the "wet sloppy puppy kisses all over your face" kind(could not resist a shout-out to Arthur) and the kind that parents have for their children.

Today, I share with you a wonderful story of love. Our friends T & D have a gorgeous son C - and I do mean truly gorgeous. Both T & D have siblings and they wanted C to know the love of a brother or sister (as well as the special kind of torture that a sibling brings to your life).

So, being the truly loving parents they are, they decided that there waaaay too many kids in the world who REALLY do need a loving home, they started the process of adoption. China was their first option and did all the paperwork and were waiting for the call.

Funny sidebar - Along the way, they told C that they were going to get him a sister and they decided to name her Libby. C, being the sweet child that he is, went to school and talked about his sister Libby - apparently a lot as his teachers felt the need to pull T aside one day as she picked him up from school. They were concerned about C as he is telling fibs to the other children about his sister - as they knew he was an only child. T quickly filled them in on the missing details and C's reputation was saved.

Then this year, they found their daughter. She did not live in China but in South Africa. T, D and C all went to South Africa late in 2007 to meet her and make her a member of their family. T stayed with her daughter to finalize everything and the entire family was reunited in time for Christmas. Never did a more deserving family get the best present in the whole world.

Look what love brough to Canada - Miss Andile Elizabeth Victoria. Welcome to Canada Miss Libby! You were wanted before they ever met you and are now loved to distraction by more people than you could have dreamed. Your parents and brother are what love is all about!
More smooshy love stuff to come this week - it is Valentine's after all!

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Jemima said...

Oh, look at those chubby knees! And those cheeks! She's positively the most deliciously sweet baby. What a happy story for Miss Libby!

I've always thought that adopting a baby would be way more exciting than actually having one, and I'm so curious about what the process is like. Every NYT article about it, I pore over like it's Gospel, but it just really blows me away how these people "here" and this baby over "there" are a family and no one knows it yet, but it's going to HAPPEN! So amazing.