Thursday, February 07, 2008


Ok, I get it, really I do! I live in a country where we have winter. But that godamned groundhog didn't see his goddamned shadow and now we have 6 more weeks of this crap. I am so tired of snow, cold, winter, snow, cold, shovelling, snow - well you get the point.

Last night, after we landed from Houston (where it was warm!) we drove home from the airport in a blizzard, we (that is Wilson) shoveled a foot of snow so we could get into our driveway last night. He pulls a muscle in his back and then I (yes me!) shovelled 6 more inches of that blasted white stuff this morning. To top it all off, the damn snowplow came and deposited a foot of that shit back at the end of the driveway - so I had to shovel AGAIN! (on the plus side, I am wearing my JCrew green and white polka dotted wellies when I shovel - so my feet look fab!)

Spring - this is a message from a sick and tired girl in Canada - get your ass here as fast as you can! If you don't, I will not be held responsible for the consequences!

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Jemima said...

Snow. Meh.

You have to do a post about Libby. Did your friends adopt her? What made them decide on South Africa? Details! I can't believe how cute she is, and I've thought for a while that adopting a baby that really needs a home must be a surefire way into heaven.