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So I have been a little lax (ok, downright lazy) about updating 'the blog', but I have been busy OK!

Let me bring you up to speed:

Thursday, June 21st
My new glasses came in at LensCrafters. They are Chanel (and not Fanel or the fake version but the real deal) and cost the earth. I have to say - LOVING THEM!!! They look great on me, if I do say so myself. I had to get new glasses after my old faithful pair fell into the Outer Harbour Marina. Yup, I knocked them off my face and it was like it happened in slow motion. This means that Wilson and I had to go to the mall and we bought him shoes! He bought 3 pairs and even offered to buy me a pair to replace the Birkenstocks that he hates but I love. Mellie - I now believe that all men hate them! There were no suitable shoes to replace them with so I did not get a new pair. Frankly I was looking for a cute pair of strappy sandals but the pickings were slim at the Fairview Bay. We (this is the royal we) bought him a 'hot' pair of Euro-style' black shoes which are awesome (look for those at your wedding Mellie) - totally not something that he normally wears; a pair of Kenneth Cole brown shoes and a cool pair of flip flops for the boat. It was a good day for Wilson's feet. I love just being near a shoe purchase. While not quite the thrill of buying pretty girly shoes that my friends will remark over, it is still fun.

Friday, June 22nd
Toddie-san celebrated his birthday will many friends - mostly from Pembroke and his MBA days. A good time was had by all - much alcohol was drank as well as crappy cigars. Highlights of the evening were:

  • Steve cooking food for the masses so that we all would have food to eat
  • Kerri getting Todd to make her an espresso to help her recover from her hangover from the day before so she could properly work on her hangover for the next day
  • everyone taking bets on when Dave and Lorrie would arrive - 10:30 was the actual time of arrival. They called at 8:00 p.m. to get directions.
  • Hearing the story of 'Songs to Shag by'. Let me elaborate: Toddie-san, Michelle nd Kathleen (whom Toddie was enamoured with) were driving in Tabbert's car (sans Tabbert) to Pembroke. Toddie ADD kicks in and he bugs the girls until they let him listen to the hockey game for half of the 4 hour drive. Once they say - enough to the hockey, he says to them "I have a really good cd that we can listen to". The girls think - anything but hockey and they put it in. Out of the car speakers comes heinous, freaky metal music. The girls are very scared. The CD is rapidly ejected from the player and Todd loses all radio priviledges. Come Sunday and all are driving home. Now Tabbert is driving her car back from Pembroke with everyone in the car with her. They tell Tabbert the story of the heinous devil music that Todd made the listen to and Toddie began to pout in the back seat. The girls feel sorry for him so he gives them the CD again. They notice the title written on the CD say - 'Songs to Shag by'. The girls think to themselves - excellent - R & B, songs we will know the words to, good driving tunes. Out of the car speakers comes even more heinous devil music which was quickly ejected. It was determined that this is the main reason why Toddie-san is still single. Nevertheless, Todd was banned from DJ-ing at his own party as all were afraid of the music that would start being played.
  • Wilson and Dave putting the bucket of ice and water into Toddie's bed so that he would have a 'surprise' when he went to bed. Boys will be boys!
  • Leaving and seeing the parking ticket on our dash - Wilson jokingly says, see where you parked the car, it got us a ticket (For the record, he drove down so that I could drive his slightly drunk ass home). My response - nothing says I love you like a parking ticket.
Saturday, June 23rd
This is the day of my niece Lisa's wedding! But first we must drop Maggie off at the dog nanny. I have to tell you - this is not easy for me. She is my (our) baby and she is old and really only loves us (really now she only loves Wilson but I am along for the ride). This is our pretty girl (this is her a few years ago before her grey highlights became so prominent)

We drop her off in Kensington Market area and my nervousness grows. Then the dog nanny comes out and she is a total earth mother and you can tell that she is all about the animals. Maggie leave us like we were yesterday's news and goes in the house to sniff for the cat. In her world, this is a good day. She will spend much time sniffing the house playing her game of "Where's Waldo" looking for the cat!

Off we go to Niagara-on-the-Lake and the wedding. But first, we head to Winery land! We are going to visit a bunch of wineries that we have always talked about visiting but have not yet made the trek. We end up hitting 6 wineries in total and buying about 5 cases of wine - none of which we can drink right now as it needs to be cellared for about 2 - 5 years. It was so much fun! We bought wine for my 40th, Wilson's 40th, my 45th and Wilson's 50th (which is 14 years away). When we walked into the Hilton Garden Suites - one of the groom's family asked if we bought wine for the wedding. Wilson's response - if I am buying wine for the wedding, there would be a helluva lot more than this". God I love this man!!!

We kiss my parents hello and go off to our room to get dressed. I am wearing a very pretty black and white flowered dress that I got at Ann Taylor Loft in South Beach and Wilson is wearing his gorgeous Hugo Boss black suit (For the record, he normally gets lucky when he wears that suit) and his cool new shoes. We look good!!! Off to the wedding we go and it is a scorcher - of course, the wedding is outside as is the reception. Wilson is officially melting. I compensate for the heat by drinking copious amounts of chilled white wine. I tell a funny story about my brother to get the bride and groom to kiss, we eat, we drink, we dance. I see lots of Lisa's friends that have got to know over the years - a couple of them even commented on my very pretty shoes (they are very smart girls) and there was a lot of love people. My brother and sister-in-law did not stop smiling the entire evening. My dad did an awesome grace before dinner and all in all the event was a blast!!!

My sweet niece looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress and it seems impossible to me that she is now married. I remember her birth and all the life milestones like they were yesterday. They are honeymooning in France and I know that they will have a long and wonderful like together.

(PS: I am sure that I lost weight at that wedding for the amount that I sweated while sitting and the the copious amounts of dancing - it was a total prescription for weight loss! A girl can dream can't she???)

Sunday, June 24th
We get up - I did not have a hangover for the record - but both of us are starving. Breakfast is provided and Wilson and I are not shy about getting ourselves food when we are hungry. We scarf down some chow and then head home to get our pretty Maggie from the dog nanny. Maayan (the dog nanny) is so sweet - she took Maggie and the other dog she was caring for on a 2 hour walk and then had them both sleep with her. She said it was great to be part of a dog sandwich. Believe me, I know how much of a bed hog that Maggie can be, I can't imagine that she got much sleep. Maggie is VERY happy to see us and off we go to the boat which makes Wilson VERY happy. Our dear friends Rich and Rahel come down for a cruise and dinner and it was a great end to a very busy weekend. By the time we get home you have never seen 2 more exhausted people and one very tired dog! We fall into bed and sleep the sleep of the dead only to wake up on Monday and begin the madness all over again!

Will update on the Holiday weekend when I get another moment.


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