Wednesday, July 12, 2006


As promised, the GNO outing happened today. Much hilarity ensued as it always does when we 3 gather. As DiDi sent out the meeting maker for the day, ReRe was in charge of minutes (truthfully, she does do the best at it - Mellie is never allowed as she will never do them). ReRe was challenged as she/we experienced car difficulties, but Sorority Sister that she is, she did these on her Blackberry while waiting for VW Roadside Assistance.

Note: minutes written from the Gonoe parking lot where I still sit at 3:18 waiting for a tow truck as my stupid car has decided it is perfectly happy in park and is no longer willing to even consider another gear such as reverse or drive. So, in the interest of making good use of this time...

  • DiDi and ReRe extremely tardy (due to very large accident that caused us to rubberneck like never before), leaving little blonde girl to order unlikely quantities of food;
  • DiDi and Mellie to have Blackberries confiscated prior to future GNOs due to insufferably poor cell phone ettiquette
  • Mellie thoroughly pleased with Tripod photos - see good photos of Stumpy below

  • ReRe unable to appreciate Stumpy's sex appeal;
  • ReRe somewhat concerned that Mellie and DiDi are oddly attracted to the Floopala
  • Jewemy slightly wounded by others' less demeaning terms of endearment but still happily answers to Poopalla and Jalalloo (sp?)
  • ReRe and DiDi not permitted to call Thurston and Lovie by their new names, nor to refer to any members of the Jewemy's family as Kennedys at Wedding Extravaganza brunch on Sunday
  • All in agreement iPod man is lamé; ReRe much appreciative of sorority therapy but still considers her life a disaster
  • Decision re breakup vs. anniversary celebration still TBD
  • Mellie successfully persuaded The Jew to honeymoon in Italy;
  • Mellie in serious danger of accidentally falling into an Armani suit;
  • Mellie now accepting cash donations for wedding
  • iPod man unable to contribute more than $1.95 as monthly entertainment budget already used up at Burger King
  • ReRe and Jewemy in agreement on spending philosophy; buy now, earn (hopefully) later
  • Mellie in full pre-wedding workout frenzy;
  • lipo out of the question due to unsightly arm girdles;
  • wedding guests unlikely to follow direction to avert eyes;
  • arm flattering chicken-like elbows-out stance preferred
  • DiDi considering new dress or Exlax-Metamucil combo plan to fit into lovely but small Carriere;
  • strange rustling sounds on dance floor will be due to DiDi's Depends
    Mellie wearing white but DiDi true to form with severe soy spillage; three Tide-to-go sticks on hand but still a shmutzy shiksa
  • DiDi and ReRe disappointed in not seeing Mellie's 5-year-old barrette-pigtail hairdo; will forward drawing later
  • Mellie unable to return to work due to distance from car to entrance;
  • unsure if "but I flat-ironed today" considered suitable excuse for illegal parking
  • ReRe STILL in Gonoe parking lot at 3:48 Must go yell at someone.
  • Next GNO - location: Cozy Nails. Date: TBD
ReRe car update - 4:14 p.m., still stuck in Gonoe parking lot as tow truck arrived but cannot budge ReRe's car due to location of restaurant. ReRe is now going to live at Gonoe, can eat lovely food, get a drink although the booths would not be comfortable sleeping quarters.

Email funny lines while ReRe waits for tow trucks

  • Pretty sure I just watched my tow truck drive right past me. I may be here for days. Someone please send wine
  • Is it bad to have sushi for lunch AND dinner? What about breakfast?
  • Also REALLY have to pee but don't want to risk missing the damn tow truck. DiDi - wish you could have left me some of your Depends
  • I think I am small enough to fit in one of the industrial sized sinks to bathe - don't you think DiDi?

God my friends are funny! They are even better in real life!

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