Friday, July 07, 2006


After a non eventful week, filled with work and wine, we find ourselves at the boat for another lovely weekend of relaxing and more wine. We were social butterflies this weekend as we have guests each day of the weekend. David and Michelle on Friday, Dr. Josie and Monte on Saturday and Eddie on Sunday.

Didi was a student at Wilson's School of Boating this weekend as I learned how we wash the exterior of the boat and I practiced docking the boat - both backing in and going in bow first. The goal is to be comfortable enough that by the end of the summer, I can dock the boat without Wilson calling out instructions to me and me being a nervous Nellie. I will never be the boat expert that Wilson is but I will be competent. I have to say that Wilson is a very good teacher. He is very patient with me and never gets anxious (that I can tell) which is very good with me as his freaky student. This is just one of the reasons why I love him.

Here is a picture of Summer Breeze at sunset. It was taken by our friend Kev who is a dock neighbour. You can see why we love to spend time on it - it is just so damn nice to be on the water. Also - here is a picture of Wilson and I - I would like to say all shiny and happy but we are just windblown (and yes, happy). The amount of freckles that are now on my face is very disconcerting. Also, here is Wilson and Maggie on the dock - papa and puppy all snuggled together in the sunshine. Shiny, happy marina love!

Sorority Update
ReRe is in upstate New York this weekend visiting family. We carefully perused the Chanel and Hermes sites before she left just in case there might be a whirlwind visit to Canal street. Alas no shopping trip happended but no worries, fake purses are going no where thank heaven, so we live to shop another day. However we are now have indepth knowledge of the recent Chanel line and there are many items we will immediatly purchase when we win the lottery (especially the white clutch with the interlocking Chanel C's as the clast). We were meant to own Chanel!!!

ReRe, have a good visit and come back soon. Work is dull as dishwater with out you (even though you are a workaholic now).

Mellie - chatted on Monday and Mellie has called for an ESR (Emergency Sorority Rescue). ReRe, DiDi, Miss Mew and significant others have been asked to attend a wedding brunch for Mellie and Jewemy in swishy Rosedale. Wilson is giving up precious time on the boat to go with me to the party. Thank heavens - although it will allow us to meet some of Mellie and Jewemy's family before their nuptials. When a Sorority sister calls and requests and emergency assistance all other sorority sisters come to their aid. See you on Sunday Mellie - you can say hello with a lovely mimosa.

Ciao for now and there is a sorority lunch scheduled for this week. I will make ReRe do her funny minutes and there will be a post from the lunch.



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