Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well, a very long week has come and gone then a very lovely weekend aboard Summer Breeze! The week was especially torturous as ReRe left me for a week so that she could take a vacation. Why she felt that a vacation, to spend time with her children would be so important and good for her, was something she had to do is beyond me. She left me all alone at work, no one to play with or anything. Never fear, I will get her back at the end of August when I leave for 2 weeks of vacation - 2 weeks in a row!

After a stupidly crazy week of crap and bullshit, Wilson and I met at the marina. Wilson walked Maggie and I went to the grocery store to get us some dinner. Once back, cocktail hour began. See the picture below to see how happy Wilson was that we had begun drinking!

I was just as happy but our neighbour Kevin did not take a picture of me with my large cocktail! I was very, very happy to have a rye and ginger or many glasses of wine in my hand.
Saturday dawned and Mags and I had a lovely morning walk together after which we went back to bed. I have to say, I love a good nap - whether it is first thing in the morning or in the afternoon. On Saturday, I had both - it was truly decadent.

As you can see from this picture, Maggie totally supports her mom's view of napping! Frankly all this is a reason to show off a really cute picture of her.

Saturday night was a classic drunken DiDi evening. It begain with copious amounts of drinking - that started around mid-afternoon. We continued drinking cocktail and then moved to wine with dinner. While enjoying a lovely, I bit my own finger - so hard that it left a mark on the fingernail and was subsequently mocked by all. Then I proceeded to keep drinking after dinner and at some time that evening managed to drop my shoe into the marina. I did fish it out and then tried to snuggle into a camping chair - under the guise of being more comfortable but really I wanted to sleep. It was at that point that I realized that I was well and truly drunk and it was time to go to bed. I know it sounds like I have finally learned my limits - and perhaps I have in some way. But truly, when you try to snuggle down and have a nap in a camping chair - while still fully clothed and have one wet shoe - it does register with your drunk brain that it is time to go to bed. Somehow I made it through these 2 days of drinking without a hangover. I am not sure what I did that made this happen but when I find out - I will be repeating this over and over and over.

Sunday involved more sleeping and relaxing and then our weekend came to an end with take-out and movies. We finally saw Syriana as well as Matador. Still don't understand Syriana and am really glad that I closed my eyes and plugged my ears during the George Clooney torture scene. All Sunday ever makes me wish for is more weekend or a very large lottery win so that everyday is Saturday. Mental note - must go to buy large amounts of lottery tickets.

Here is to having ReRe back at work on Monday and another weekend very soon!


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